1 death in Washington and new infections with coronavirus – USA

1 death in Washington and new coronavirus infection in the United States of America. New testing for coronavirus....

Ten people in Washington state died from the coronavirus, and several new infections have been confirmed, officials said Wednesday, as increased testing has provided disturbing evidence of how widely the virus is spreading around the world.

The area of Seattle struggled with the worsening crisis, in which the virus invaded the suburban nursing home, killing at least seven people. Ten of 11 confirmed deaths in the US so far occurred in Washington, and all of them were registered in the last few days.

While in the state was the first confirmed case of coronavirus in January, officials found more infected (until the end of last week). But expanded testing in the last days has identified dozens of new infections.

On Tuesday officials announced that the virus killed two residents of the Center to care for the sick, nursing homes in Kirkland, Washington, who died a week ago, suggesting that the disease has spread in this region a few days earlier than was previously known to health officials.

High school in the suburbs of Seattle was closed Wednesday after a student was tested positive for the virus. District Renton reported that it learned of the test results for high school student Hazen late in the evening on Tuesday and closed school Council representatives district health.

The student was recovering at home, said district. The health officials have traced all those who had contact with the student in recent days.

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