100 000 infected. The who has called for greater action.

100 000 infected with the coronavirus worldwide. Governments not able to overcome alone the threat. The who has called for greater action....

A leading official in the field of health, called on international leaders to use all the features of their governments to fight a new outbreak of coronavirus.

This is not a drill, “said Dr. tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director General of the world health organization. “This is no time for excuses. It’s time to stop slowing down“.

When the number of cases exceeded 100,000, governments around the world showed signs of paralysis, confusion and the desire to protect their own interests, despite the fact that the death toll exceeded 3200, capital of the world was under threat of infection.

Dr. Tadros warned that the time for containment of the virus is about to expire. “Now is the time to act“, he said. Draconian measures in China to curb the outbreak has shown more signs of success on Friday, when the Hubei province — a place where first appeared coronavirus — reported that she for the first time, there were no cases of infection outside the country’s capital Wuhan.

However, some political leaders around the world seem to be more interested in showing each other fingers and complain about restrictions on movement. Japanese citizens were angered by the interference of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, as the cases of infection continue to rise. Experiencing large perturbations, testing was slow, and many fear that many infections go unnoticed.

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