102 tourists from Egypt tested positive for the coronavirus

The concern in the middle East is becoming more acute with the growth in the number of cases in Egypt and other countries due to the coronavirus....

At least 102 people who traveled in Egypt last month, tested positive for the coronavirus after returning to their home countries, which causes fears of a wider outbreak in the most populous country of the Eastern world than previously thought.

Egypt announced 67 cases of coronavirus, and officials insist that for tourists it is still safe to visit the country. “Thank God, Egypt is one of the least affected countries“, — declared on Tuesday to journalists in Cairo, the Minister of tourism, Khaled El-Enany.

Egyptian officials say that the epidemic in the country is concentrated on a cruise ship near the shore of the Nile, which infected 45 people, who had been quarantined since Friday. But a large number of people with a positive result after the departure from Egypt suggests that the virus has spread to other parts of the country.

Outside Iran, the greatest number of registered cases in the middle East have on countries such as Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Iraq, which announced 500 cases between them.

The number in Qatar jumped from 24 to 262 on Wednesday amid fears that the virus will spread in overcrowded camps for the construction workers who are building the football stadiums for world Cup among men in 2022.

Relatively little is known about the spread of the virus in some of the most vulnerable in the region of areas, such as Syria, Yemen and Libya.

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