A critical inventory of supplies ends up in the US because of the pandemic

Critical supplies are depleted. Trump resists pressure to use martial law to mobilize the industry due to the coronavirus....

On Friday, Mr. trump has made it clear that the Federal government is mobilizing the industry to provide urgently needed resources to help stop the spread of the virus, but he did not specify what steps he took after several days of mixed messages about their intentions.

On Friday, he announced without proof that uses a Law on the defence industry, to help acquire “millions of masks”.

“States it is hard to get them”, — said trump at a press conference in the White house.“We use the act for such things.”

If the statement Donald trump will come true, after a few weeks of promises that were never fulfilled, the delivery can reduce the burden on the state government and local authorities. But sometimes the President seemed to assume that private industry has intensified, without coercion from the government.

We are literally besieged by companies who want to do the work and help our country”, — said Mr. trump. “We have this no problems at all“.

The white house did not immediately respond to requests for examples of companies or industries that are in compliance with the law were forced to stimulate the production, as stated by Mr. trump.

Some of the advisers to the President privately said that they share long-standing opposition of conservatives to government intervention and oppose the use of the law, and the President again offered his ambivalent attitude towards its use.

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