A Dane, in violation of the weapons law

Because a Dane, led to your hunting rifle without a valid European firearms pass (EFP), you must answer now because of the violation of the arms act.

Earlier this week, controlled by the officials of the Federal police (Stralsund) is a German car. The driver and the 47-year-old co-driver were on the way to Poland to hunt there. In the trunk they had a carrying case for hunting weapons. The hunter showed the Danish weapons permit and the EFP. Since the EFP was expired since the beginning of August of 2018, has ensured the weapon. Carrying weapons and ammunition without a valid EFP is not allowed in Germany. Therefore, to answer to the wife now because of the violation of the arms act.

The European firearms pass alone is not enough, he must also be valid! (Photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

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