A2 Vape Marauder

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me the pleasure of introducing a rarity in the e cig industry: a device made in the United States. The following is an A2 Marauder Box Mod review and in it you will see that Americans can do what the Chinese have accomplished so well.

They are capable of producing variable watt machinery for vapers and they do it with a sense of humor, as you can see by pictures featured on the Vaping Monkey. Shoppers will find the A2 Marauder APV for sale on their website for about $189.

A Friendly Marauder

This is a friendly Marauder; a box mod variable to as much as 50W. You will not find one of these mods for sale anywhere pre-made unless, while researching Kijiji or eBay, you find a used one (generally a bad idea since you don’t know if it’s been abused).

The A2 Marauder is made to order for each customer because of the many design options available. The manufacturer offers patterns and colors besides standard metal.

In Touch

Turn your device on by pressing a 2N Tactile Momentary Activator Switch. That’s fancy language for a little push button. It is quite small and won’t take a lot of pressing for you to activate an atomizer.

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