About Agogo Presbyterian College of Education

About Agogo Presbyterian College of Education...

About Agogo Presbyterian College of Education

Agogo Presbyterian College ofEducation, formerlly Agogo Women’s Training College, which is one of the oldest Teacher Training Colleges inGhana, was established by the Basel Missionaries in 1931.

The Basel Mission Girls’ School and the Basel Mission Women’s Training College were established in Agogo on the 1st of March, 1931. This school was established by a young missionary teacher, Miss Helena Schlatter (later became Mrs. Haegele). She was later joined by two other missionaries, Rev. Buechner and Miss G. Goetz. The aim of opening the Training College was to train Ghanaian women teachers for the Girls’ Mission school and inculcated in these young teachers Christian principles that would portray them as good teachers, parents and leaders who could build Christian homes and take up leadership roles in the society.

To ensure that high academic and moral standard were set and maintained, the students were subjected to the proverbial ‘Presbyterian Discipline’. That level of discipline indeed yielded great and wonderful dividends for all the girls and women who passed through the Girls’ School and the Training College, most of whom are in responsible positions, are still very well known for their moral uprightness, general comportment and discipline.

In 1954, the Principal, Dr. Duzi, two tutors as well as 18 students who were studying for 4- yr Certificate “A” course were transferred to Aburi to start the course there. Agogo concentrated on Cert ‘B’ course and a single stream of post ‘B’ course. It was not until 1963 that the 4-yr Certificate “A” course was reintroduced. In 1976, after 45 years of existence, the college turned co-educational with the admission of 10 male students, the name was accordingly changed from Agogo Presbyterian Women Training College to Agogo Presbyterian Training College.

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