About Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College

About Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College...

About Ghana Armed Forces Command and Staff College


TheGhanaArmed Forces Command and Staff College (GAFCSC) was established in 1963 with the mandate to train officers of theGhana Armed Forcesand allied officers of Africa in command and staff responsibilities.  Over the years, it has received and trained personnel from sister African nations and has concentrated on core military/defenceprogrammes, leading to the award of Pass Staff College (PSC) certificate.

The need for venturing into other programmes that would armgraduatesof GAFCSC with the requisite knowledge was necessitated by imperatives of the global system.  TheGhanaArmed Forces (GAF) has participated in peace support operations since 1960.  It is this imperative that informed the decision to widen the scope of courses run by the GAFCSC. The College therefore sought collaboration with theUniversity of GhanaandGIMPAto run various courses to satisfy the felt need already mentioned above.  Having obtained InstitutionalAccreditation, the College is now poised to run its own courses, while not truncating the collaborative link with the aforementioned institutions.

Towards the realization of its new focus and aims, the College embarked upon massive infrastructural expansion.  A new complex to house the College has been completed. It has all the facilities needed for running the programmes envisaged including classrooms, administrative offices, an auditorium, audio-visual aid systems, a library (including a laboratory) etc.

GAFCSC is noted, as a world class College and a regional training centre, not only in Defence and Military Studies, but also in Governance and Leadership, International Politics, Administration and Management, as well as Crisis and Conflict Management.  In this, the College has collaborated with both local and international institutions of higher learning –University of Ghana,Legon, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Cranfield University (UK), and Bradford University (UK).


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