About Mampong Technical College of Education

About Mampong Technical College of Education...

About Mampong Technical College of Education

Mampong Technical College ofEducation(MAMTECH) was established in 1967 as a TeacherEducationInstitution on the premises of the Trades Training Centre which was established by the British Colonial Government in 1922. The Trades Training Centre turned into a Borstal Institution (boys Correction Home) in 1937. It was converted into Army Recruitment Camp during the Second World War. From 1945 to 1960 it became Government Trade School. Between 1960 and 1967, it was run as Junior Technical Institute. The first Principal of the college was Mr. J. Merry who until his appointment as principal was the head of the Junior Technical Institute, which was converted into Handicraft Teacher Training Institute. The Institute was renamed Technical Teachers Institute in 1969. In 1978, it was designated to Mampong Technical Teachers College. The college was givenaccreditationto the tertiary level of education in October, 2007 with the change in status. It was renamed Mampong Technical College of Education.

List of principals

Mr. W. J. Merry               –      1967 — 1970

Cpt. F. W. Micah              –      1970 — 1976

Mr. Solomon Addai          –   1976 — 1977

Mrs. Offei                              –   1977 — 1979

Mr. Joe Alex Offei             –   1979 — 1998

Mr. Bentinus Bagbin (Ag)  –   1998 — 2000

Mr. L. Y. Amuzu                –   2000 –   2006

Ms. Margaret Opoku        –   2006 –    2013

Rev. Dr. Victor Kwami Nyuieko Avotri – 2013 — Date.

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