About Princefield College School Of Nursing

About Princefield College School Of Nursing...

About Princefield College School Of Nursing

Nursing with excellence!
Nursing is a calling and we are here to take its future professionals to the next level. You need this degree because you are selfless, care and yearn to alleviate pain and suffering. At the least you should be recognised for it and have a bachelor you can be proud of. With new Colleges of Nursing and Midwifery emerging on the continent and the world standardising qualifications, a nursing degree is your sure path to quick progress and a better prospect nationally and internationally. You have a brighter future, good prospects of job satisfaction and a higher quality of life.
Why Princefield
Princefield is a specialist medical and research based university. We pride ourselves in being focused and driven by excellence in healthcare. Princefield offers you a higher value proposition by equipping you with a:
1.Complex set of health skills and knowledge gained from a higher level of effective interaction within a multi-disciplinary team of professionals.

2.Set of competencies that greatly enhances your ability and prepare you early in your career as a health professional to pursue more challenging roles and provide a platform for a better career enhancement.

3.Research based approach that offer unique opportunities, providing updates in specialized clinical areas, systems and management while adding a highly relevant specific national and international health focus.

4.Discipline in both work ethics and personal conduct, recognising that a sense of justice and fairness is essential to self development process.

5.Awareness and recognition that the promotion of a positive self image is key to professional development and success.

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