According to rabbit hunting: 9-hunter in the hospital

9 hunter out of the room Nabburg in Bavaria were probably infected with rabbit fever (tularemia).

The Weidmänner since all saints day on the isolation ward of the Amberg hospital and will be here to stay for a few days, as a press spokesman for the Schwandorf district office, reported to yesterday.

The hunters had on Saturday, 27. October, in the brother dorfer hunting geweidwerkt together. There are 8 rabbits had been killed, the hunters came in contact with. A few days later, all over flu-like complaints complained.

The Transmission takes place via direct and indirect contact of infection with tularemia pathogens are threatened, especially hunters. The incubation period is approximately between 3 and 5 days (photo: Shutterstock)

Doctors expressed a plague, the suspicion of Hare. Investigation results are still pending and not expected before the middle of next week.

Veterinary offices rates in relation to the rabbit pest on the observance of special rules of conduct.

Information SHEET on tularemia for hunters (Rheinland-Pfalz)

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