Across Europe there is no consensus in the strategy of containment of coronavirus

The measures taken by EU member States to curb the spread of the coronavirus vary considerably, reflecting the lack of international coordination....

Public health officials said Tuesday that after the first cases of the disease in Cyprus, the coronavirus is present in all countries of the European Union, several hours later, after Italy had imposed widespread restrictions on travel across the country.

However, the measures taken by member States of the EU to curb the spread of the virus varied considerably from country to country, often with little influence on the actual incidence of outbreaks that reflects the lack of international coordination.

Greece and the Czech Republic announced that all schools and universities will be closed, although the workload of each country in the tens, which is much smaller than some of their neighbors.

We can decide on further emergency measures later, “—said in his statement on Tuesday, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic Andrej Babis. “You must take an active, exceptional measures at the beginning of the epidemic“.

Spain with one of the largest outbreaks have closed all educational centres in the Madrid region, but not across the country. In Poland Poznan, a city in the West of the country, has closed schools, swimming pools and other public places after was discovered one infection.

Worldwide schooling was interrupted for more than 300 million students.

Throughout the continent, countries have also strengthened rules and guidelines regarding travel.

Austria has banned travelers from Italy without medical certificates, Switzerland is considering similar measures.

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