Alexander Egorov, new Award Coinklin for his special dedication to the hunting of mountain – CazaWonke

The cofrade Russian Culminum Magister Alexander Egorov has been awarded the prestigious Conklin, a well-deserved recognition of his long and intense career game and his special dedication to the hunting of mountain, from which he holds a magnificent collection of all of the world.

This prize was instituted in 2002 in memory of whom he was a great hunter and conservationist, Dr. James E. Conklin, being an award that recognizes the effort and the difficulty of the species collected in an ethical manner, more than the number of species or the measures of the trophies.

Few hunters up to now have been recognized with this important award, and only one Spanish among them, also brother of the Culminum Magister and member of the board of the Conklin Award, Pepe Madrazo.

It is a pride for this guild to have big hunters like Alexander Egorov, in addition it shares with the Award-Conklin to the same values of the hunting difficult, ethical, and conservationist.

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