American Vaping Association

Another non-profit group joins the many local, national, and international ones coming to the fore to support e cig and e liquid businesses and consumers: the American Vaping Association. Add them to a list that includes CASAA, the TVECA, AEMSA, and more. The American Vaping Association site is busy with links to articles, personal anecdotes, and more. Their goal is to help small and medium businesses to weather the regulatory storms they are facing. The AVA is based in New Jersey.

American Vaping Association Website

This could be a great website if it was organized better. Finding what you want is not always easy, but this spot supplies recent news reports, press releases, posts scientific information, and publishes testimonials by vapers.

Their sponsors include NicQuid, AltSmoke, Smokeless Image, Vapor Cast, Vapor Kings, and Hoosier E Cigs. This small group represents their “Platinum Partners” but I could not find out how to become a partner.

I imagine the “donate” button at the bottom of their home page is the portal to partnership. So, the list above looks small but it’s possible many other companies have also become partners in a lesser capacity by donating smaller sums of money.

Who are these Platinum Partners?

The AVA does not make it plain how one becomes a partner. All I can say about the firms listed is that they are fairly high-profile. NicQuid is an e liquid company known for its membership in other organizations and strict self-regulation. They operate out of an American facility which has received internationally-recognizable certification. Ingredients in their juices are all high-quality. NicQuid makes a small selection of flavors.

Smokeless Image is one of NicQuid’s off-site vendors and also maker of the Volt mini cig. The other businesses mentioned here are relatively large, but not as big as V2 Cigs or Vaporfi. They fall into the “medium-sized business” category. It would be helpful if the AVA posted a heading telling readers how to become partners in their cause.

Education for the Masses

At the AVA, the board seeks to educate Americans about e cigs and vaping. They want the public and government to understand whatever position they are going to take and not speak out of fear or bias. They list resources readers can turn to for further information including links to CASAA, the SFATA, National Vapers Club, and various forums.

To get a personal picture of how vaping changes lives, read testimonials. They add a human element to the debate which so often hinges on jargon and speculation while these stories present undeniable facts.


Why do the electronic cigarette industry and e liquid manufacturers need help from so many different bodies? Even regulated industries create groups to manage customer concerns and complaints, but in the e cig business there aren’t any official regulations in place. Vendors are threatened by upcoming FDA pronouncements and possible bans so they must work together in groups like the American Vaping Association.

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