April 2012 Choreographers Carnival—200th Show

Los Angeles Choreographers Carnival performance lineup for the 200th show. Movie theme! Avalon, Monday night, April 23, 2012....

Apr 2, 2012

The Los Angeles Choreographers Carnival celebrates its 200th show this month! The “Carnival Goes to the Movies”-themed evening offers an especially strong lineup for the special occasion. For the second month in a row, Carnival will be held on aMondaynight.

Carnival’s 200th show will be the same price as a regular show! (See below the lineup for ticket purchasing specials and details.)

April 2012 Choreographers Carnival Lineup

  • Tricia Miranda
  • Free
  • Tony Gonzales
  • Andye J
  • Legacy
  • Isaac Tualaulelei
  • Aliya Perry
  • Yusuf Nasir
  • JJ Villar
  • Desi Jevon ft. Angeleno Funk
  • Fresh
  • Duo
  • Noel Bajandas
  • Kenya Clay
  • Zae Northy ft. BDC Tokyo
  • Collabor8 Dance Co.
  • Just2Real
  • Razberry Jam

The Choreographers Carnival is an age 18+ event. The flyer for this month specifies the following regarding price:

  • $20 regular admission price.
  • $5 discount for those entering the venuebefore 10 pm with a show flyer.
  • $10 extra charge for 18- to 20-year-olds.

Tickets are normally sold for cash only at the show. That is not stated on this month’s flyer, but we would suggest bringing cash just in case. Tickets can also be purchased in advance on the Choreographers Carnival web site.

Choreographers Carnival flyers can be found at major dance studios. The flyers are small, glossy, and rectangular. (This month’s has a yellow background we’d describe as somewhere between canary and umber.) The flyers look like tickets, but are not.

As usual, doors open at 9 pm and the show runs from 10:30 pm to 2 am.

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