ASICS GEL Kayano 19 Running Shoe Review

The ASICS GEL Kayano 19 provides a lot of quality for the runner, and ensures the feet are comfortable and have sufficient stability. They are slightly lighter than before, having been decreased by half an ounce in weight. Its exoskeleton heel counter helps to improve the shoe compatibility and the Dynamic Duo Max midsole offers you with quality cushioning of the feet.

The Kayano 19 is ideal for runners of all kinds, keeping legs feeling relaxed and comfortable while exercising. They are regularly used by professional runners, but also ideal for the amateur keep fit enthusiast. The shoe has also been built and designed with an impact guidance system that enhances your natural strides and also a vertical guidance line.

The ASICS GEL Kayano 19 running shoes have also been designed with a well fitted stretchable and breathable material. This material keeps your feet feeling cool and dry by disallowing sweat through absorption and also in reducing of any feet irritations.

The heel clutching system on the other hand has been designed to offer comfort to your feet which is an addition of the two layers of foam that ensures that your feet fits fully. Dura Sponge is another main feature of the shoe and it allows the comfort of your forefoot by offering some cushioning.

Key features of the ASICS GEL Kayano 19

Comfort and stability

The shoe has been designed with a ComforDry sock liner that cushions that increases the stability and comfort of your feet, in addition to keeping your feet feeling fresh. It also has a Biomorphic fit upper that is designed with a breathable materials and a stretchable mesh to reduce the feet irritation and also increase the aeration of the feet.

To protect your shoes from high abrasions, a Dura sponge outsole that is made of rubber has also been included to increase the shoe cushioning and the durability. The rubber sponge also protects the shoes from high frictions and abrasions that can cause a slanting effect of the shoe causing discomfort.

A lightweight solyte material, in addition to the DuoMax is some of other features of the ASICS shoes. These features are designed within the midsole and help to increase the comfort and the stability of the feet.

Weight of the shoe

Designed specifically for athletes and sports persons, the ASICS GEL Kayano 19 needs to be lightweight and comfortable. The shoe only weighs 2 pounds which ensures ease of running and other exercises which require running shoes. On shipping however, it may weigh 3 pounds.


The ASICS shoe has specifically been designed for athletes that is the long mileage marathoners and the elite athletes or short distance runners, but can also be used in other workout exercises such as running on a treadmill. People doing other exercises mostly the outdoor exercises are also not limited to using the ASICS GEL-Kayano 19 running shoe.

The shoe has been fully designed to harmonize the body and mind as you work out. By eliminating feet odors, preventing any strains that may be caused by feet discomfort, and at the very competitive price, the ASICS shoe remains one of the leaders as far as the general functionalities and health of your feet.

Last thoughts on the ASICS GEL Kayano 19

The quality of the Kayano 19 running shoe from Asics is apparent as soon as you put it on. Every aspect of the shoe has been clearly thought out in the design phase, and implemented well in production. Ideal for runners of all kinds, the ASICS GEL Kayano 19 will really help to improve performance and provide a safe and comfortable environment for your feet at the same time.

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