Asics Gel Speedstar 5 Running Shoe Review

Creatively designed to meet the daily needs of minimalist runners, the Asics Gel Speedstar 5 features an impressive designed combined with synthetic outer material and unibody mesh for increased flexibility. The shoes offer a high level of comfort to runners and feature the brand specific gel system to cushion prolonged running sessions with suppressed foot fatigue. The product is available in attractive color variants including lime, flame, black and silver.

The amazing lightweight design of Asics Gel Speedstar 5 facilitates fast, sprint runners to accomplish goals easily while maintaining solid stability at high speed. The product has breathable top layer design which reduces sweat and nullifies moisture accumulation, to create a healthy atmosphere for the athlete. The low-to-the-ground design favors rapid runners and the shoe is available in different category types to suit individual arch heights and body frame.

Springy cushion design offers increased speed for performance trainers. A snug fit is assured by the cushioned inner lining and the soft heel combined with moderately stiff forefoot contributes to responsive ride for runners. A unique feature of the Asics Gel Speedstar 5 running shoes is that it is stitch-less and provides better durability than conventional models. The shoes are recommended for high arched runners who indulging in fast paced training.

Design features of the Asics Gel Speedstar 5

Flat heels combined with superior lightweight design allow runners to sprint and take off with instant agility. The Asics Gel Speedstar 5 features Solyte Midsole Material, a patented technology which is even lighter than the standard EVA and SpEVA compounds. The shoes are designed with asymmetrical lacing, an anatomically correct lacing design which reduces the chances of irritation and ensures better fit for the wearer.

Gel-induced comfort and Solyte material for stability

The Asics Gel Speedstar 5 running shoe is designed to provide the best possible comfort level. It features an open mesh upper sole for better breathability and convenience. The shoe has a Rearfoot Gel cushioning system that absorbs excessive shock caused during high impact running and also favors smooth transition to midstance. Soft platform feel and improvised fit is rendered by the 45 degree full length Solyte material.

Lightweight material

The dimensions of Asics Gel Speedstar 5 running shoes are measured at 12 x 8 x 4 inches and they weigh 3 pounds which falls under the standard lightweight category. The DuraSponge used in the shoe offers added comfort but is made using lightweight material to reduce stress caused by heavy shoes.

Type of shoe

Made to be a sports shoe, the Asics Gel Speedstar 5 can be comfortably be used on all types of surfaces. The aerodynamic design offers best grip on rough, uneven and slippery surfaces while the reinforced toe cap combined with treading on the outsole provides best traction on varied grounds. The shoe falls under the ‘barefoot’ category by being flexible and blending well with the runner’s feet yet integrated with cushioning so as to avoid shock during impact.

Additional information

Minimalistic design of the Asics Gel Speedstar 5 shoes maintains a low profile while the flexible design fits one’s feet like a glove. The product can be used in hot and cold weather conditions during higher mileage races ranging from 5 to 10 miles or more. It’s a versatile, heavy-duty shoe made for athletes.

Last thoughts on the Asics Gel Speedstar 5 running shoes

The eye-catching and stylish design of the Speedstar 5 running shoes from Asics have really made them a popular choice for athletes and running enthusiasts of all levels. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are ideal for those that do a lot of running in them.

The Gel technology used in the shoes ensures that every step you take in them is well cushioned. The Asics Gel Speedstar 5 are really good quality and ideal for the serious runner through to the casual wearer.

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