Asics Gel Strike 3 Running Shoes Review

Crafted to meet perfection, the Asics Gel-Strike 3 running shoes are integrated with the most advanced mesh and sole technologies to provide superior comfort. Made to meet the requirement of professional runners and fitness enthusiasts, the shoes feature padded cushioning for comfortable practice sessions. The extremely lightweight design facilitates runners to hone their skills for extended periods of time without fatigue hitting their feet.

The heavy duty outer sole offers maximum traction to the runner while the shoe provides added comfort to the heel area with additional padding. The Asics Gel-Strike 3 features a solid and durable foundation ensuring maximum durability for the shoes even when used regularly under demanding conditions. Integrated gel fitted in specific areas is an exclusive and patented technology of the Asics brand.

Professional athletes, and running enthusiasts will find the Asics Gel-Strike 3 a very capable shoe. The shoes are designed to be super-lightweight but without adding that extra bulk that is usually accompanied with thick cushions. Breathable leather material provides a healthy and sweat free environment for the runner’s feet, allowing them to perform their best without any hindrance.

Design features of the Asics Gel-Strike 3

Featuring an ergonomic design with designated width, the Asics Gel-Strike 3 will accurately fit different foot types supported by its flexible rubber mesh. It is in-built with PHF feature, the Personal Heel Fit which customizes itself to suit individual heel shape of the person wearing it.

The shoe is made using synthetic leather and breathable mesh on top. Critical outsole areas of the shoe are patched with ASICS High Abrasion Rubber (AHAR) to provide exceptional performance for the wearer.

Gel-enhanced comfort and stability

Superior comfort is assured for the wearer with rear foot cushioning system which absorbs shock during heavy practice sessions. The Asics Gel-Strike 3 running shoe provides added stability because it is directly attached to the midsole and stitched on the EVA board.

The innovative construction of the Gel Strike 3 facilitates better flexibility. The midsole of the shoes are filled with gel to cushion the front and rear area of the foot during prolonged running practice. As soon as the heel touches the ground to when the toe pushes off again, the process will be aided by the cushioned design.

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the running shoes are measured at 12 x 8 x 4 inches. They weigh 2 pounds, which is fairly light for this type of shoe, and specifically designed to meet professional requirements. The weight will allow you to run longer distances without being hindered at all.

Type of running shoe

Designed for track usage and minimal uneven surface training, the Asics Gel-Strike 3 is quite durable on the long run. The bottom sole features rubber grips and small metal spikes to offer superior grip on wet, slippery or muddy surfaces. The product can be used under different climatic conditions as the synthetic material is capable of withstanding wear and tear.

Additional information

Customers looking forward to purchase professional athletic/running shoes can consider Asics Gel-Strike 3 which is in-built with multiple features to meet individual needs. The shoes are available in multiple colors and for both genders.

It easily fits into must-have athletic accessories list because of its neutral pronation and arches. The plush, durable running shoe can be used on almost every surface, making it one of the most versatile shoes available.

Final thoughts on the Asics Gel-Strike 3

The simplistic design of the Gel-Strike 3 running shoes is not overly flash. They have been designed to provide a comfortable feel and high level of performance. They allow the feet to breathe well, so you can run longer distances and get consistent ventilation to your feet.

They offer a great deal of stability around the heel area too, so if you run on uneven surfaces you feet will be better protected. The Asics Gel-Strike 3 are a very affordable shoe and a very good option for runners of all levels.

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