Aspire CF MAXX Battery

What do the Nautilus rebuildable tank and a black carbon fiber battery have in common? They are both made by Aspire, a Chinese manufacturer of electronic cigarettes and accessories. Their new MAXX battery takes the CF format to the next level.

Slim, Variable Watt Tube

The Aspire CF is a high powered battery, but an Aspire CF MAXX Battery is even more powerful. A knob allows you to change watts from 5W to 50W.

This design is so similar to that of a Spinner battery, yet the Spinner only moves through a short voltage range. The MAXX gives you so much more in the compact form of a tube mod.

One Button Operation

There is just one metal button on the Aspire CF MAXX battery: a single firing switch for turning this device on and off or scroll through the menu. Use it to lock the battery in “off” position so no one can accidentally switch it on in his pocket and a child cannot hurt herself exploring mommy’s electronic cigarette.

Protect Yourself and Your Investment

Prevent damage, injury, and wasting money by ordering this battery with its protective features. Your range of resistance is 0.3 to 5 ohms but the battery’s microchip knows when you have dropped too low. It detects a high temperature, shorted circuit, over-discharge, and more.

One of two things will happen if the Aspire CF MAXX becomes aware of trouble: the device will turn itself off or start flashing at you. In spite of their tiny size, these latest microchips for variable watt mods are amazingly sophisticated.

More Specifications

CF stands for carbon fiber, a tough coating to prevent damage to your battery. End points are made of stainless steel. This tube is a battery in its own right rated 3000 mAh with a 510 connection to accept Aspire tanks but also several other brands and models of similar quality, size, and performance. Add a dripping atomizer because, at 0.3 ohms, you can make some serious plumes of vapor.


This is not a glamorous product. It’s great that Aspire, like Cloupor, offers a tubular VW device at the 50W range, but the black carbon fiber coating lacks pizazz, unless you are into the carbon fiber design on so many tuner cars. I would love to see some colors like on the other CF batteries.

Carbon fiber is a flexible material which lends itself to being tinted to just about any shade you want so there isn’t any reason to be dull. If, however, you prefer the simple style of black and steel, Aspire has what you are looking for.

Price Variation

Stop by one of your local vape vendors or shop online. A number of Aspire distributors prefer to carry their tanks and not the Aspire CF mods, regular or VW. This brand and the model itself are still available from many locations. Because of its powerful capacity, you will spend $60 or more to buy the tube.

Add the Atlantis

The Atlantis rebuildable tank by Aspire is another great product like their Nautilus and sure to become a classic. Order the large version and vape at low ohms, enjoying the clean, crisp flavor of e liquid as it was meant to taste. A rebuildable dripping atomizer would also suit the CF MAXX since black goes with everything.

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