Aspire Elite Kit

Vapers trust Aspire to supply them with the very best quality tanks, and now their CF batteries.

The Nautilus does not let them down and the Atlantis provides sub-ohm vaping for vapers operating high-watt mods.

An Aspire Elite kit is certain to supply yet another satisfying experience for vapers who insist on quality, not just low prices.

Beautiful Package

It is interesting what a great display does to customers’ impressions of a product. If a device is neatly and carefully packaged in a box within protective, shaped molds that stop it from rolling around, this tells consumers the company cares about the quality of their goods.

Their hardware is too high-quality for just any blister kit to suffice. Since Aspire named this package the “Elite” kit, they had to back that up with excellent presentation, and they did.

What’s inside?

Consumers open this box to discover two things: an Atlantis Mega tank and an Aspire CF mod. The Mega tank contains up to 5 ml of e liquid while their 3000-mah Aspire MAXX is prepared to vape at up to 50W with a built-in battery. It’s the perfect pairing: a high-watt, tube-shaped APV and a low-ohm tank.

You also receive a USB charger, spare glass tube, and an extra atomizer (0.3 ohms) besides a pre-installed 1-ohm example. Find those located beneath the molded top portion so the first things you see are the stars of this show.

The Atlantis Mega Tank by Aspire

A 3000-mah battery lasts hours on a charge, so the tank for that mod should be big. Is 5 ml big enough? It is huge by vaping standards. Select from two coils: 0.5 ohms or 0.3 ohms for 20W to 30W, or up to 80W mods.

Even though the Atlantis Mega Tank is packaged with an Aspire CF MAXX unit, you can attach it to many tube or box mods by the likes of Cloupor, Eleaf, Pioneer4You, Smok, and others.

The Atlantis is rebuildable but fairly user-friendly. It is still recommend these be purchased by experienced, high-level vapers. The tube is made from tough, clean Pyrex glass with stainless steel top and bottom caps.

Adjustable airflow at the top lets you cool vapor to your taste and an adjustable airflow valve at the bottom is for customizing the ease or stiffness of your inhalation. This BVC tank uses organic cotton for a clean taste and costs about $30 or more on its own.

The Aspire CF MAXX VW Mod

Aspire always planned that this mod and the Atlantis should work together. Use a knob to adjust from 5W to 50W. A single button turns your device on or off and allows you to view the menu which turns up on a small rectangular screen oriented vertically and located at the top. The battery cannot be removed, so you have to charge it via a USB port located at the bottom. This means you can vape while the battery recharges.

To prevent users from damaging their property, hurting themselves, or wasting money, safeguards are built into the Aspire CF MAXX. A microchip detects resistance and is aware of dips below 0.3 ohms. The chip senses when the unit is overheating. You will either see flashing lights or notice the device has switched off if there are problems like a reversed battery, high temperature, low voltage, or low resistance. A code will also appear on your screen.

Carbon Fiber provides a durable black exterior and good grip. End points made from stainless steel ensure threads aren’t vulnerable to corrosion. Take the tank off and put it back on over and over without noticeable wear. When you buy the CF MAXX individually, it costs from $60 and up

Purchase the Kit

Anything below $90 is a good deal for the Aspire Elite Kit considering the price of individual pieces. Several kits cost about $120, but this includes a charger, spare glass, and an extra tube.

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