Aspire Platinum Kit

The Aspire electronic cigarette company, maker of one of vapers’ favorite tanks, is hard to beat when it comes to quality and design inspiration.

Their Atlantis is consistently chosen over many other models, some of which try to copy Aspire’s style but fail to meet their standards.

Many vape stores, both online and in-person, carry Aspire products including their new CF battery.

Aspire Platinum Kit

Now customers can add the latest Aspire battery to their Atlantis, forming a kit beyond compare: the Aspire Platinum.

Both products are excellent choices for sub-ohm vapers; cloud-chasers as they are known by industry insiders. Here are the specifications of both.

Rather than building your own set, take advantage of saving by purchasing a ready-made bundle.

The Aspire CF VW Battery

This carbon fiber battery is light but durable for use by real people in the real world. It is designed for low-resistance vaping at up to 30W with a 40-Amp maximum output, yet is only a little bigger than a regular eGo battery. You won’t feel conspicuous toting this thing around, especially not in its special case which resembles a skinny case for spectacles. The color is stealthy; it’s design incognito.

Endpoints are made from stainless steel: hygienic and high quality. The firing button is sturdy. Spring-loaded connectors make it easy to connect this battery to the Aspire Atlantis sub-ohm tank or some other model if you choose to swap tanks according to the style of juice you are using at a given time. If you would rather attach the Nautilus or a tank by competitor Kanger (the Aerotank, for instance), this will fit neatly to the CF.

Add the Aspire Atlantis

Adjustable airflow is just one fabulous feature of the Atlantis, allowing vapers to change the resistance of their draw. It is also built with sub ohm atomizer coils: something you can’t take for granted with other tanks. Most standard products are geared up for 1 ohm or more and unable to handle the thicker viscosity of dripping liquids.

The Atlantis can take it though. It is designed with a bottom vertical coil (BVC) for better flavor and more efficient e liquid vaporization. Drip your favorite juices and don’t skimp: pull out the Aspire Atlantis tank for vaping the good e liquids you thought you had to save for indoor vaping with big mods.

The Atlantis atomizer is rebuildable so that beautiful tank does not become one of a useless but pretty collection when the atomizer wears out. Keep the tank and sleeve but put in a new head with this money-saving and waste-reducing design. Its sleeve made from stainless steel gives your tank an ornate appearance while protecting the glass in case you drop your electronic cigarette.

Your Aspire Platinum Kit bundle for about $95 comes with the Aspire CF battery rated for 2000 mAh: a lot stronger than an eGo Twist or Vision Spinner, but not as bulky and conspicuous as a box mod and able to last more than a day when fully charged. The Atlantis tank holds 2 ml of liquid. Customers will also find that their kit comes with a USB charger, 5 replacement atomizers, a “scabbard” (a.k.a. carry case) made of leather, and the sleeve for your tank.

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