Baby Wearing Information

Have you ever wondered what those “backpacks for babies” are? Those are baby carriers, and mommies use them for baby wearing. It’s not that easy to carry an infant or toddler; a baby carrier makes life easier and gives you a free hand to do errands during the day.

It’s important to consider comfortable baby wearing options for parents and their babies. But why do it at all? Here are some good reasons:

Baby Wearing Information
  • Previously mentioned, baby wearing wraps are useful for giving mothers free hands to do the work during the day while also being able to be present for their little one.
  • Baby carriers are helpful to establish a closeness between mother and son or daughter.
  • Your baby is happier when he is near you.  This is especially more predominant when babies are younger, as they are used to the beating of the mother’s heart from being in utero.
  • You want to soothe your baby.  Research has indicated that babies who are carried in some form, be it with a baby carrier or not with any baby wearing device at all, are happier babies, crying less in the evening.  Furthermore, in The Continuum Concept, it was determined that babies who were held never cried.
  • Unless your baby is sleeping against your chest, she is looking around at the world, exploring her surroundings and soaking in everything she sees.  This helps stimulate mental development, while feeling safe and trusted, which makes her feel emotionally sound.

You’ll find that baby wearing makes your life easier as a parent, but finding the right baby carrier for you might be a challenge.  That’s why we parents are here to help ease the burden in your baby wearing slingsbaby carriers, or baby wearing wraps search.  We’ll take the guesswork out of the search by giving you what we’ve experienced, and provide actionable information to make educated decisions about baby wearing products.

We’ll post recall information as well when we find it, and any other useful information.  Expect to read about baby wearing instructions and more.  Stay tuned for the ride.

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