Bache on supermarket Parking beheaded

An 80-Year-old killed in Monday night, a tame brook with a hatchet.

A witness alerted to the emergency and informed the police about it, on a supermarket Parking lot in Berlin-Reinickendorf, in Berlin, a man on a berserk hermache. The officers found a decapitated and already stopped Bache waited. In a box of some game pieces, and actionable insides were already. In addition, the battle of the utensils were. In the bushes the cops found the suspects. The butcher, to the friendly Pig with the axe slaying. The game decided he wanted to eat, what he could not otherwise afford. The carcass was handed over to a Forester, the tool confiscated. The 80-Year-old a criminal now, due to hunting, poaching.

The head of the Bache and the Instrumentalities (photo: police Berlin)

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