Bavaria hunters say “no”

Well, since the two major hunting associations are again in agreement:

While the German fighter of the time Association of recording of the wolf to the Federal hunting act requires, rejects the Bavarian hunting Association (BJV), the Takeover of the wolf to the Federal hunting law strictly.

The Bavarian hunter would not assume sole responsibility for the regulation of the wolf. “In the case of the shooting of individual animals is necessary, so this is also without the Assumption of to the hunting law. How this can work, since many years, the successful beaver and cormorant management in Bavaria“, so BJV-President, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Vocke.

“Without a total social consensus,” BAJ President Vocke “is not to make the hunting on the Wolf with the Bavarian hunters (photo: Falk Haacker)

In terms of “Wolf hunt” was, rather, a social consensus is necessary. The deer and deer management needs to be re-regulated. Wildlife damage in connection with the presence of the wolf, should not go to the expense of the hunter.

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