Beijing imposes strict rules of quarantine coronavirus

Beijing imposes strict rules of quarantine in the outbreak of coronavirus. Isolation for a minimum period - 14 days each....

The decision came after the national Chinese government revealed that hundreds of medical workers who helped fight the outbreak of coronavirus, has infected at least six of them died.

RIGHT NOW,Beijing demands that all who entered its territory, self-quarantined for 14 days, “was brought to justice in accordance with law.”

In an effort to protect the city from major outbreaks, Beijing introduces new rules of quarantine.

Chinese state television announced on its website Friday night that anyone who returns to Beijing will have to isolate ourselves within 14 days.

Anyone who does not comply with “must be prosecuted in accordance with the law“, according to the text of the order issued by the state TV. The order was issued “steering group” of the Communist party at the municipal level, not the national Communist party.

It was the latest sign that Chinese leaders are still trying to establish the right balance between renewal of the economy and the continuation of the outbreak of coronavirus.

Tuesday and Wednesday senior officials of the countries met and issued the orders, which contained the order to helping people return to work from their hometowns. Tens of millions have gone home to celebrate the new year holidays, before the government recognized the seriousness of the epidemic. On the way to work, they encountered checkpoints of local authorities, and then upon returning to the big city had passed quarantine inspection.

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