Benefits of Video Games Can Reduce teens Obesity

Benefits of Video Games Can Reduce teens Obesity

Scientists from Chester University in the UK reported the results of their study in the journal Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine....

Scientists fromChesterUniversityin the UKreported the resultsof their studyin the journalArchives ofPediatrics& AdolescentMedicine.Journalrevealedon25 September 2012it wasshown thatvideogames canbe used asa solutionfor weight loss,which is expected toreducethe amount ofobesity amongadolescents.

Benefits of Video Games Can Reduce teens Obesity

The studyinvolved 10boysand 8girlsaged11 to 15 years, activevideo gamessuch asdancing,boxingandother physical activities,can increaseheart rate,oxygenis inhaled,andthe energy expendedduring game play.

The researchersdo notsuggestthatactivevideo gamesisan absolutesolutionfor reducingobesity.However,this can be apractical andreasonablesolutiontochildren andadolescents.

Benefits of Video Games Can Reduce teens Obesity

Millions ofdollarshave been spentthrough researchat theUniversityof AlabamaatBirmingham,to find waysto stem the tideof obesity andadolescent obesityepidemicthat occurred inAlabamaand the UnitedStates.

Notmany programsthat showsignificant results.Recentprojectionsfrom the Centersfor DiseaseControland Preventionin the UnitedStates(CDC)revealed thatmore than 60percent ofAlabamawill facethe problem of obesityin 2030.

Parentsmay considerthis researchfrom a practical standpoint.Removinga few hundred(dollars)inactivevideo gamesfor childrenor teenagers, certainly betterthanspending thousands ofdollarstogetmedical adviceforobesechildren

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