Benelli Beccaccia Supreme. The semiauto, lightweight and fast on the target..

The semi-automatic rifle Beccaccia Supreme is the perfect weapon for the hunt for the queen of the forest.

Beccaccia Supreme is a semi-automatic family of Montefeltro. Light, handy, fast on target: these are the distinctive features that make this gem of a home Benelli, a semi-automatic well-loved by the hunters of woodcock. The Beccaccia Supreme is available in 12 gauge ( but in the range there is also the Woodcock 20 gauge).

It is the perfect weapon for the hunt for the queen of the forest. Benelli was the first manufacturer to propose a semi-automatic 12 gauge specifically for the woodcock: a product that is immediately appreciated, and today has become a classic. The Beccaccia Supreme differs aesthetically from the previous model to the different decoration of the carcass, the new finish of the wood Elegance System, the fine, the design of the auction, the recoil pad. The fine, of new design, are made after the treatment, Elegance System enrichment and protection of the walnut of the butt. All shotguns Benelli have rods slender that are so well lie by the hand that holds the rifle.

The Beccaccia Supreme is a rifle specialist, however, as the precursor Woodcock 12, it can be used with profit also for other hunts, movement. In this context, to meet the personal preferences, it is proposed with two lengths of rod: cm 61 cm 65. Both rods are equipped with the rib in carbon fiber to hold the weight of the weapon. The reeds are dormitories magnum: you can then shoot all the cartridges, 12/70 and 12/76 with charges of shot, ranging from 24 (which provide a kinetic energy of 200 kgm) and 56 grams. The semi-automatic can also be used with the 24 grams for training at the shooting range, but also to pull the charges heavier.

The rifle Benelli Beccaccia Supreme is a semi-automatic inertial spherical head with snap-on variable geometry.

Being first of all a rifle “fast” – designed for the stalking, the Beccaccia Supreme is focusing on lightness: the needle of the scale stops at just 2.750 grams. It is the lightest rifle caliber 12 existing on the market. The reeds of the Beccaccia Supreme is equipped with choke tubes, internal, interchangeable Criochoke, that thanks to the long and sweet fitting and cryogenic treatment ensure greater durability and better large and more garnished, with a more homogeneous distribution of the lead. The semi-automatic for hunting enthusiasts to the queen of the forest has a special choke dispersante, called Ampliator System. The new widener is used indifferently either with the cartridges equipped with small glass with loads of traditional or bior. The effect dispersante is the same with any type of cartridge and the pink are the same, and garnish. The widener has been completely designed by the engineers at Benelli. Subjected to ballistic tests using the most sophisticated technologies, has ensured the results are surprising: the Ampliator System Benelli increases the performance of over 32%.

The semi-automatic Benelli Beccaccia Supreme features a recoil pad in polyurethane for a perfect anatomy to the shoulder of the hunter, and woods of walnut and finished with the new treatment Elegance System make the rifle more resistant to scratches and extreme weather conditions.

The butt plate in polyurethane Beccaccia Supreme has an internal structure of micro cells of air, which under the action of the recoil to keep its shape, not spread or deform laterally. Lighter than the traditional calcioli antirinculo, this recoil pad guarantees a superior absorption capacity, reduced deformation during firing, and a more gentle release of the crushing immediately. The marked attenuation of the sensation of recoil is not the only advantage of the recoil pad mounted on the Beccaccia Supreme: depending on the length chosen by the hunter to adjust the length of the football on a measurement of the user. The rifle comes with two calcioli in polyurethane: one mounted port the length of the football to mm 350, while with the other kit up to the mm 360. Benelli also provides an optional recoil pad extra, which brings the total length in mm 370. The football is equipped with the system of the fold change and benefit the dx/sx present on all semi-automatic hunting Benelli.

Benelli Beccaccia Supreme in calibre 12/76

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Type: semi-auto rifle with a closed geometric junction, inertial, spinning shutter.

Manufacturer: Benelli Armi spa, Via della Stazione 50, 61029 Urbino, Italy;

Caliber: 12/76, can shoot all the cartridges 12, standard and magnum, in accordance with CIP positions of dots ranging from 24 (which provide a kinetic energy of 200 kgm) and 56 grams; the use of cartridge cases of varying length (from mm 65 to mm 76) is made possible by the ejector is loaded elastically.

Shutter: package pull-out load between 22 and 28 N, safe manual louver reversible, automatic safety against burst, automatic safety against firing a shutter is not in full closure, cut-off to the tank; the frame of the group shot injection moulded in technopolymer.

Materials: carcass gone there from drawn light alloy, rod textured with soul, chrome-plated bolt assembly plotted by drawn and chrome-plated to a thickness.

Butt: walnut finish Elegance System, 2 calcioli antirinculo polyurethane (stock length mm 350, 360), a kit of the fold change, the bases for t-shirts portacinghia quick release.

Dimensions and weights: length cm 115, stock length 35 cm, fold hake/bead (factory) 36,5/55; weight around gr 2.750.

Tank: tubular 2 rounds 12/70 or 12/76.

Rods: cm 61 cm 65; rib carbon fibre, soul chrome; chokes Criochoke, provided with a series of values ***, **** and *****, widener Benelli.

Packaging: the carrying case, ABS, kit of chokes and key, kit, fold change, t-shirts portacinghia quick-release, user manual, bottle of oil, Benelli, 1 viewfinder, 2 calcioli (supplied).

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