Benelli Raffaello (Ethos 50° with the caliber 28/76

The beautiful presentation of the new rifle on the cover of the booklet published by Benelli

The heart of the inertial system with the cart shutter and head bound between them and separated by the spring which is crucial for the functionality of the mechanism

Benelli Raffaello Ethos per il 50° con il calibro 28/76

In the midst of competitors that have presence in the field of weapons is as well long is made on the Fiftieth anniversary may appear to a mathematical mind an entity that is small, though appreciable, but from the moment that the unravelling of the life of a company, like that of a person, it should be weighted with other measures that are not only those of the arithmetic and of the world of numbers, here’s how this is realized jumps on the scales a weight which is not a number, but of strong intensity. The journey started in 1967 by the late Dr. Paul Bentley and his solid group of passionate collaborators, has continued with the merging company in the Holding company Beretta, always maintaining its excellence in the designing and manufacturing, has created something unique that precisely today celebrates the half-century of life. In this time, the healthy imagination to give life to a simple idea and together with sophisticated has led the company to build a cycle of excellence in production, the only way to ensure that the rifle is working properly using the inertial system put on the map by the ingenious technician bolognese Bruno Civolani, it, too, disappeared, and translated into practice by the Benelli between the disbelief of many.

Today the semi-automatic set on the repeating mechanism is a fixed point, copied by several competitors in the revocation of the patent, a factor that cerziora about the goodness of the original choice. Only one important change in the history of the plant when the seal strut inclined is passed, with a significant qualitative leap, to the head rotating: aspects then of the different models on the basis of the Raphael that have occurred over time are the result of cooperation between architect Marco Gaudenzi and the team of in-house research, a synergy of intents, thoughts, and then works hard to find in other companies and in other sectors. A combination lucky? Maybe, but if the luck helps the daring, here it must be said and emphasized that courage there was to sell if you consider it as such all along, which dwells in the human intellect as the will, dedication, openness to the thoughts of others, determination and realisation capacity.

The Raphael Ethos in caliber 28/76

As in other special occasions the House of Urbino has set a numbered series of rifles special in the preparation of the wood and finishes: shall be so offered for sale 1.000 Raphael Ethos in caliber 12/76 and 500 in caliber 20/76, joined by, in order of celebration, the presentation on the Italian market of the first rifle chambered for the cartridge 28/76, a peculiarity that has already been initiated in France by other manufacturers, is now presented to us under the guise of the semiauto of the prestigious series just mentioned above. This expands further the range of Benelli, already a leader in the world for the specificity of his proposals, which do not intend to beat targets numeric, but better meet the diverse needs of hunters. If in the recent past the small Crio and then Legacy 28/70 have opened up new horizons for fans of small gauges that are set on the mechanical, inertial, today the rafael Ethos reaches even higher levels of rifle quality, allowing the lovers of the small-gauge a step more to undermine with success every game, with the operating arm extended guaranteed from positions very close to those of the calibre 20/70 driven, of 16/70 brilliant and many of the fittings of the traditional 12/70 with those weights, useful and rational to undermine the noble game under dog stops, or the migration of small-and medium-size even at maximum distances. The property is further enhanced, and this means greater safety and ease of use for the hunter, as well as the already pointed out: you then take the recoil pad Progressive Comfort, the one you put in the wooden butt of which has any technical merit, and aesthetic embezzling and dissipating energy at the time of the shot thanks to a complex of the slats forming the progressive, useful and effective in relation to the charge. There is no lack of nose pads in polyurethane, interchangeable, to dampen the vibrations harmful for the auditory system, and platelets that vary in length and advantage because everyone can optimize the size of the rifle on your body. Also the dipstick has been revised starting with the one of the Power Bore where it facilitated the posture and the rehabilitation of the hand: now, thanks to the calibre, it is further smagrita, with the added advantages of the grip and aesthetics. About stock we suggest you note the use of a european walnut with treatment Wood Fx and fine with a step of 1.5 mm at the cusps is well detected: the gun very streamlined hand always at the same position by placing the finger on the trigger in the best situation for shots measured and corrected.

A nice glance to the right side from which to appreciate the drawing of the sheath of the breech, of the throttle of the engines and the lower button to release the shutter from the stop end of the stroke

The heart of the system

The mechanics is that well-known and reliable shutter in two parts, the carriage which supports the head rotating to the two lugs between which is interposed the main spring, the one that accumulates and redistributes the energy with which, thanks to a peg, and a track cam is not accomplished, the delay of the opening and together with the rotation of the junction of the flaps from the mortise carved in the prolongation of the butt-jointed to the barrel. A rocker arm, pivoted on the back of the cart, and with the contrast in a hollow cup, insists on the recoil spring located in the football. The closing of the shutter can be done by pressing the button on the side of the castle or accompanying the throttle to run much more silent. Related to the inertial motion is the tablespoons lift of the cartridge, working only with the shot you can then replace the cartridge dorm without passing from the tank to the tubular as well as proves to be a source of security having to insert the first cartridge in the barrel manually. In addition, the tooth doubled for the retention of the cartridges in the same tank favours the direct withdrawal, without camerarle. The barrel Crio Power Bore represents, together with the chokes Criochoke, the optimization of the studies ballistic of the Benelli because of the materials used and their thermochemical treatments, which for the geometry of the drilling appropriate for the small-caliber; the cryogenic hardening process regulates the regime of vibration under the gun, together with that of expansion and contraction related to heating due to firing. The rib ventilated carbon-fibre sum lightness and robustness, avoiding the phenomenon of the mirage: the system then anchor does not interfere on the regular vibration of the barrel. Of the aesthetics of this rifle is almost superfluous to speak because, once again, the theory of corporate time to draw the weapon on the proportions of the cartridge proves to be highly paying: the play of lines and the proportions of the measures to create an entity that define bewitching it seems neither an exaggeration, nor a bit cheesy. The future of the Benelli is already present, and the beauty is a absolute garment that proper engineering and operational excellence.

Benelli Raffaello (Ethos caliber 28/76

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The beautiful presentation of the new rifle on the cover of the booklet published by Benelli

The rifle is complete, although photographed with the limits imposed by a set of factors characteristic of a fair, expresses all its beauty and its harmony of forms and proportions

In the left side, devoid of the expulsion stands out most is the dualism color together with the ex-created in the castle from the surfaces etched and those brushed

The right side of the new construction with the guessed combination of the castle and clear of the sheath of breech burnished, like the shutter, chrome

The three sprints of the rifles submitted to the IWA with the two commemorative 50° in calibers 12/76 and calibre 20/76 which adds to the Ethos in the small and powerful 28/76, news for our market

The words in beautiful and clear handwriting printed on the barrel indicates the chambered for the cartridge 28/76 28 Magnum

A nice glance to the right side from which to appreciate the drawing of the sheath of the breech, of the throttle of the engines and the lower button to release the shutter from the stop end of the stroke

The heart of the inertial system with the cart shutter and head bound between them and separated by the spring which is crucial for the functionality of the mechanism

The characteristic shape of the guard in the polymer within which houses the trigger, gilded; in tine rear protrudes the button of the safe

The play of light highlights the scalfatura and the reduced size of the stem, favourable both for a correct and comfortable grip. At the apex protrudes the cap lock with carvings and rounded grip

Football pistol grip, hake up with polyurethane inserts to replace. The recoil pad encloses the Progressive Comfort, to dampen the recoil

Technical data sheet:
Manufacturer: Benelli Armi S. p.a a. via della stazione 50, 61029 Urbino (PU) – Tel. +39 0722 3071 – Fax +39 0722 307207 – –
Model: Raphael Crio Ethos 28
Type: semi-automatic shotgun smooth bore
Caliber: 28/76
Operation: inertial
Castle: the block in ergal milled – nickel plated finish
Shutter: two-wings rotary front – plotted from drawn and chrome-plated
Barrel: long 66 cm – 5 chokes Criochoke (cyl * key)
Percussion: the dog with the coil spring and the firing pin floating inside the shutter
Power supply: charger metal tubular under the barrel 2 cartridges
Device shutter: direct type with a single trigger mounted on the block in the polymer
Extractor: a nail with internal spring inserted in the head of the shutter
Extruder: cylinder spring-loaded in the sheath of breech
Line of sight: rib ventilated carbon, viewfinder front LPA fluo
Safety: two-position with key scratched in the guard – blocks the shot
Butt: in two pieces of walnut as well as high – pistol grip and below the barrel shaped fields, the grip with sharkskin – treatment Wood Fx – butt Progressive Comfort with different thickness – nose pads and plates to fold and the advantage of interchangeable
Finishes: polishing polished the barrel, anodized glossy black sheath of breech, castle, with engraving and nickel-plating
Stock length from the trigger: 365 +/-2 mm editable up to 380 with recoil pad long – or 350 +/- 2 mm with specific football kit and Progressive Comfort – fold to the heel of 60 mm and hake 35 mm
Weight: 2.400 g +/- 100 g with the barrel 66 cm (variations based on the tolerances of the components)

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