Best Backpacks For College

female students

For any student having the best backpack for college is necessary because there are always a lot of things to carry around at school. From carrying all your heavy books and stationery material....

female students

For any student, having the best backpack for college is necessary because there are always a lot of things to carry around at school.From carrying all your heavy books and stationery material, tohaving a good safe place to store your tablet or notebook computer, owning a high quality and stylish fully functional backpack becomes inevitable.

But, the big challenge is choosing a good book bag for college to push you through a number of semesters. Well, that can only be a simple task if you have the right information on what to look for when shopping for one.

Choosing the right type of bag can make your life more comfortable and productive in college. A good college backpack,along with other dorm room essentialswill definitely be a valuable asset throughout your stay in college.If you are a freshman or sophomore, you may need to move some heavy college textbooks from one department to another. So you should take some time to do your research so you can choose a backpack that will meet your needs.


Below Are Some Of The Best Backpacks For College Students


Kenneth Cole ReactionKenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access4.6
Bolang 8459Bolang Water Resistant Nylon 84594.3
swerveHigh Sierra Swerve4.4
The North Face HaystackThe North Face Haystack4.5
canvas augurP.KU.VDSL-AUGUR SERIES Vintage Canvas4.4
High Sierra PowerflideHigh Sierra Powerglide4.5
gootium 21101Gootium Thich Canvas4.6
Ecocity BackpackEcoCity Vintage Canvas4.2
Coolcy Hot StyleCoolcy Hot Style4.3
solo UBN701-4Solo Pro 17.3 Laptop4.4
jansports classicJansport Big Student Classic4.5
Jester PackThe North Face Jester4.4
TIMBUK2Timbuk2 Parkside4.5
high sierra loopHigh Sierra Loop4.4
UA HustleUnder Armour Hustle II4.6
solo-vSolo Vintage Colombian Leather4.7
Nike Swoosh RollingNike Accessories Core Rolling4.5


Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access

Kenneth Cole ReactionThis medium-sized bag is made of full grain Colombian leather. The contemporary design and shape of the backpack make it suitable for professionals. One of the major advantages of this particular bag is that it has a laptop compartment that makes it easy for security inspections to be carried out at airports and checkpoints. The bag has two large compartments with zippers that assure the safety of all the accessories carried in it. The backpack also features an iPad or tablet pocket as well as a middle pocket with an organization panel. Also, there are special pockets for laptop accessories, credit, and business cards as well as other small supplies. Regarding comfort, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access has a top handle for grabbing on the go. Moreover, the back straps are adjustable to ensure comfort depending on the weight of the load. Lastly, there is a strap for slipping the bag on a trolley during travel. For students with fashion interests, the sporty look, and shiny leather finish will be noticeable.

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BolangWater Resistant Nylon 8459

Bolang 8459What makes this backpack stand out is the fact that it is made of quality, water-resistant material. The nylon from which it is made not only makes it light but also gives it a simple yet very stylish look. It, therefore, goes without saying that this backpack would be perfect for use during the rainy season. The matching colors of the individual components add to the elegant and modern look of the backpack, a feature that makes it perfect for different student activities such as hiking, shopping, travel and casual use.

The interior of the water resistant backpack provides for large capacity as well as quality storage for valuable items such as laptops and tablets. Also, the interior lining of the storage compartments is designed to make it easy for goods to fit systematically in the bag. The computer’s sleeve, is well-padded Cal hold a 16-inch notebook computer while the three front pockets can hold pens, cell phones, and cards.

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High Sierra Swerve

swerveRegarding capacity, there is no doubt that this backpack is far ahead of its competitors. The body of the backpack is made of 1000 denierDuralite, 600 denierDuraliteandDuraliteRipstop. The multi-compartment design of the backpack allows the user to carry more goods in an organized manner. There is a CD player pocket as well as a port for storing headphones, a feature that makes the backpack attractive to students with a passion for electronics.

When it comes to the interior, one striking feature is the ability of the backpack to be expanded so as to accommodate more goods. Secondly, there are mesh pockets for water bottles that one can carry when hiking or camping. The interior compartments for laptops andiPadsare adequately padded for maximum protection. The bottom is also padded to ensure safety when the backpack is placed on hard surfaces.

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The North Face Haystack

The North Face HaystackThe North Face Haystack  is made of polyester. The exterior design of the backpack features a padded top handle as well as a secondary zip pocket for increased capacity. The shoulder straps of the backpack have foam liners to make it comfortable for the user to carry. Moreover, the back panel is padded for increased comfort. The conspicuous logo and rugged appearance give the backpack a sporty look, making it suitable for a frequent commute to and from college. This is further supported by the polyester material from which the body is made.

The interior of the backpack features a large compartment which is further divided into a laptop sleeve and organization. The front zipper pockets give additional space for personal effects such as pens, snacks, notebooks and other similar accessories. Lastly, there are two side pockets for water bottles and other goods that can fit in such spaces. The backpack comes with a reasonable warranty period, a testament to its durability.

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canvas augurThis fashionable pack is made of canvas and cow leather, giving it a soft and skin-friendly feel. There is no doubt that this feature adds to the comfort of the user. To carry the backpack even more comfortably, it is fitted with adjustable shoulder straps that are made from the same durable material. Apart from the exterior zipper pockets, this backpack has snap button closure as well as an over flap. It can be used by both men and women for school, mountaineering, traveling and hiking.

The interior of this m0del is lined with cotton. There are also smaller pockets for cell phones, pens, keys and other similar personal items. In addition to the 13 inches padded laptop compartment, there is a special compartment for a tablet as well as a number of zipper pockets. This vintage, unisex bag has an advantage in that the durable material from which it is made allows users to carry heavy goods.

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High SierraPowerglideRolling

High Sierra PowerflideThe body of this hybrid bag is made ofWaffleWeaveand 600-denierduralite. Some external features ensure the durability and sleek design of the backpack. For instance, the top of it includes a flash-mounted telescopic handle for easy handling of heavy loads. Moreover, a lock can be attached to the triangle clip placed on the body. To avoid abrasion, a kick plate and corner plates are strategically fitted. To add on to these, the bag has a comfortable grab handle and reflective accents to enhance safety at night.

The interior of this model has multiple compartments, including a 17-inch computer sleeve as well as another compartment for notebook computers. Besides these, the pack has some zippered compartments with an organizer. Lastly, there is an easy access compartment that can hold headphones as well as side pockets that one can use to hold water bottles or sports gear.

One outstanding feature of this backpack is the corner-fitted wheels which make it easy tohaul heavy luggagewhen walking in college or across town.

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TheGootium21101 High-Density Thick Canvas  Rucksack

gootium 21101This rucksack is made of high quality, high-density canvas as well as metal fastenings that promise durability. The exterior design and shape of the rucksack give it a stylish look while the material produces a soft feel. The stitching and craftsmanship that goes into making this product is evident from the final appearance, making it a clear legend among its peers. Indeed, the well thought out design makes it look like a high-end backpack while still ensuring that it is suitable for young adults.

The interior of this canvas rucksack gives room for a great deal of organization. A 17-inch laptop can fit well in the main compartment, leaving enough room for some other smaller items. This roomy compartment is further complemented by a front pocket that is closed by a button, two side pockets as well as a zipped pocket in the interior for small but valuable items.

The downside of this backpack is that some of the snap buttons and over flaps have added metals purely for cosmetic purposes. As such, the compartments do not guarantee the safety of items that are placed in them

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EcoCityVintage Canvas  Rucksack

Ecocity BackpackThis casual canvas rucksack is both durable and fashionable. At the same time, the casual backpack is eco-friendly. The stylish look of the pack is made possible by the adjustable and padded shoulder straps that ensure that the backpack can be carried comfortably. The straps can also be snapped on and off, a feature that is possible because of the buttons located underneath them. The fabric is adjustable, allowing users to both cram the rucksack and tighten it when carrying fewer or smaller goods.

The interior of the eco-friendly, medium capacity, canvas bag has enough room for carrying jewelry, a spare pair of shoes, laptops, power cords, toiletries, some outfits as well as a host of other personal items. This interior features a zipper pocket, acellphonepocket, iPad sleeve and an extra pocket for other valuable items. Lastly, the zip up pockets located on the back offers easy access to items that one may want to easily reach when wearing the bag.

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CoolcyHot Style Women Leather Fashion

Coolcy Hot StyleThis is a bag for women who value fashion and are driven by taste. The high-quality leather that gives the bag an attractive exterior look is soft when felt by the hand. At the same time, the metal zippers make it easy to unzip and zip the different pockets. This is a must-have bag for both students and travelers. For any user who may wish to carry the bag on their shoulder, the top handle is bound to come in handy. Another great selling point of this bag is that it offers an array of colors from which prospective buyers can choose.

The fabric lining of this classy bag adds to its many advantages and strong points. The bag has a side zipper pocket, an interior pocket for a cell phone as well as exterior zipper pockets on the front and back. This makes the bag capable of comfortably holding an A4 size book, wallet, makeup, an iPad, an iPad mini and a few other items.

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Solo Pro 17.3 Laptop  BlackUBN701-4

solo UBN701-4Just like the name suggests, the backpack has a padded compartment that effectively protects laptops up to 17.3 inches in size. The large bag has its body made of polyester, making it suitable for daily use or occasional movement from place to place. Other notable external features of the backpack include side accessory pockets as well as padded shoulder straps for increased comfort throughout the day. Also, there is also a padded back panel and a carry handle.

The interior of the Solo Pro features a padded compartment for laptops up to 17.3 inches. Moreover, there is a dedicated internal pocket for an iPad or tablet. The dual compartment design of the backpack allows for adequate storage space for a laptop, tablet as well as other documents. The luxurious interior of the backpack is made possible by the distinct stitching, pop colors and multiple pockets for better organization of smaller accessories.

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Jansport Big Student Classic

jansports classic

The JanSport Big Student Classics Daypack is a good bag that has compartments for keeping every necessary item for school secure and well organized. This bags does not weigh very much, and is a very good looking and stylish. Comfort was made top priority in the construction of this product. This manufactor is known for making some of the top rated backpacks for college.  The back side is fully padded so it is not a pain to carry around as you go about your day. It is made of durable material and should provide you with many years of use.


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The North Face Jester

Jester Pack

This is a very nice bag that has many new and updated features. One feature we liked in particular was the FlexVent straps. These straps are injection-moulded and prevent irritation after carrying it around all day. The removable help belt also is very convenient for the days when you need the extra support. The main carrying compartment is quite huge which makes it perfect for carrying binders, books, or supplies. This model also comes in different colors so it should be easy to fine one that fits your style.

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Timbuk2 Parkside



This Timbuk2 backpack is made from quality material and is designed very well. The many pockets that surround this bag comes in handy for the many devices and stationary that you carry around through out the day. It comes with a sleeve on the inside of the pack that is designed to fit a notebook computer up to 15 inches. Another plus about this bag is that it is very roomy on the inside and can accommodate layers of clothing or a pair of sneakers if you need it to.



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High Sierra Loop

sierra loopThe High Sierra Loop should fit a college students needs very well. The main storage chamber of this device is very open, so you could easily carry around all the equipment that you need without worry. The internal straps are made to securely keep your gear organized, and allows for extra storage when needed.The built in shoulder straps and back padding makes for ease of comfort when handling it. This bag does not stress your shoulders and back when carrying it around for an extended period of time. The built in shoulder straps and back padding makes for ease of comfort as you go about your day.

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Under Armour Hustle II


UA Hustle


This bag has a reputation for its strength and durability. They are designed from Under Armour storm technology which makes them very strong and rugged. This bag comes in various color schemes so choosing one that you like should not be an issue. They are made from water resistant material so you should have no worries if every caught in wet weather with this bag.



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Solo Vintage Colombian Leather

solo-vThis backpack has not only a stylish-looking premium leather body but also offers great functionality. The exterior design of this model combines both a vintage and modern look, with polished buckles to accentuate the sophisticated appearance. To make the backpack stronger, there are uniquely designed corner patches. The straps are padded and have no edge to ensure comfort for the carrier in case of heavy luggage.

A major feature of this model is that the interior has a padded compartment to protect laptops of up to 15.6 inches effectively. The luxurious blue lining on the interior of the backpack promises protection and security of different accessories, documents, necessities as well as electronic devices. At the same time, the backpack has quick access pockets and zip down compartments that allow for organizing.

Despite the many strong qualities, this design does not have a trolley strap, a tablet pocket and is relatively smaller in size than its peers in this category

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Nike Accessories Microfiber Core Rolling

Nike Swoosh RollingThe Denier Polyester rolling backpack can be used by those who go to work, to and from school as well as those who frequently go on short trips. The compact pack has both a padded handle as well as a telescopic one. It also has adjustable shoulder straps for carrying comfort. Moreover, the exterior appearance includes a reinforced bottom and rolling wheels to make it possible for the user to comfortably carry all their essentials in a stylish way. Indeed, the embroidery, logo, and streamlined shape add to the fashionable appearance of this model.

As with any other rolling pack, this one offers plenty of room for storage. It goes on to provide easy access compartments in the form of mesh side pockets. The large interior compartment is effectively designed and made to carry books, folders, and binders in a neat and organized manner. One can also carry school supplies and other personal necessities in the large compartment.

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Why Quality Is Important

More often than not, the best college backpacks are designed with comfort in mind. With most of them being ergonomic, they are incredibly soft and will not leave you with uncomfortable chaffing on your shoulders or back.Some often go with a good one strap backpack. Ideally, you would be able to put books and your laptop in a bag without ever feeling any pain or discomfort when carrying it around. And for the most part, top brands always come with some sort of style and can last long enough to give you value for your money.

Fitting into the fast-moving college life can be a daunting experience for students who do not have proper organizational skills. Modern times require that college students have quite a number of books, electronic gadgets as well as a variety of supplies to help them study better. With this in mind, it is important that students have backpacks for better organization and planning. A good backpack should offer adequate storage capacity, sufficient compartments, durability, comfort and of course style for young college students. Indeed, while an eye-catching design is attractive, the most important feature is quality.

A good quality backpack for college students with padded straps will be more comfortable than one without the added support. Remember that you will be carrying many heavy textbooks for several hours each day. The longer you carry your backpack, the heavier it will feel on your shoulders. So you need the additional support to prevent back and waist pain. The padding reduces the pain on your shoulders and prevents the straps from digging into them. Some of the most popular backpacks for college also have additional padded straps that you can attach to your waist.

You might assume that the primary function of a backpack is carrying your material from home to school, or around college so the quality doesn’t matter. But in reality, the quality and function for which a backpack is designed vary greatly and that matters big time. Purchasing a high quality backpack can be beneficial to you in that you will:

Save Lots of Your Cash

Most of us are used to purchasing backpacks that have cost the least amount simply because we want to use it to fulfill our short term needs and later replace it with another one once it’s worn out. Investing in a high quality bag can be a bit more costly but it pays for itself in time. You’ll eventually get the exact value or even more than what you expected when you select a quality product that is not worn out easily.

A durable pack can last for two to four years which will be sufficient for your period of study. It is better to opt for a durable college pack from the onset than to buy a relatively cheap one and then replace it several times. You may need to pay slightly more for a durable one. But this will save you money in future since you won’t have to replace it. When you look at the features of different models on the market, you will discover that a slight price increase could make all the difference between one that will fail after a year and another one which will last for four years. The features that determine durability include the type of material, the brand, the seams, waterproofing, padding and zippers.


Saves You Time

When you look for backpacks for college, it’s obvious you’ll take some time before going to purchase yet another one. A low quality bag may not last you through one semester of school. It makes more sense to get the right device that fits your needs, so you will not have to shop for another one in the near future.

Reduces the Stress From Moving Around

With a low quality backpack, it is not uncommon to experience a broken Velcro strap or zipper and that can go a long way in embarrassing and inconveniencing your busy day at school. You can eliminate this potential nightmare by simply reading reviews of the best backpacks for college.

Why a leather backpack should be considered for college students

There are some compelling reasons why the leather designed models should be considered for college students. Indeed, life in college has to be taken into account when fronting these reasons.

Leather can be considered to be waterproof, making it a good material for protecting valuables from extreme weather conditions. At the same time, the protector spray for this material is relatively affordable, and it adds to the general durability of the material. Therefore, it is clear that leather backpacks are likely to serve college students for a considerable period during their studies.

Secondly, it has been proven that leather backpacks are stronger and sturdier. Although the bags may be pricey, they are known to withstand wear and tear much longer that backpacks made from other materials. It is also true that these backpacks will retain their shapes even when they are used to carry objects with strange shapes. Leather will neither rip nor stretch under such conditions. Due to the sturdiness of the material, it is also possible for students to carry heavy loads without much worry.

Due to the qualities mentioned above, it is clear that leather backpacks are likely to last longer than backpacks made from other materials. This will be a major advantage for college students who have to spend money prudently as many of them may not have stable sources of income. Indeed, one can purchase such a bag when they begin their studies and use it until the very end of their college days.

Lastly, leather is known to have a sleek and fashionable appearance. While this may not have any substantial financial advantage, it means a great deal to young adults who are passionate about fashion and appearance. In comparison to the canvas, leather not only looks more modern but can also work to accentuate and bring out a person’s style of dressing.

Why a canvas backpack should be considered for college students

Canvas backpacks, just like those made of leather, have some distinct advantages. However, there are certain circumstances where canvas backpacks would be more suitable.

Due to the nature of the canvas material, canvas backpacks will offer better protection to goods. In this case, college students who carry valuable items that require keen protection from extreme weather conditions or collision with hard objects should go for canvas backpacks. The tough material is known to shield such valuable items from the shock that aggressive impacts may have on them. This will help college students to ensure a longer life for their laptops, tablets,cellphonesas well as personal essentials.

Since canvas is stronger than most materials used to make backpacks, most canvas backpacks are made to carry large volumes. As such, college students whose life involves moving heavy or a large number of items should opt for these backpacks. More to this, the bags allow for comfort when carrying such heavy luggage. As such, college students will not have to move around with some bags when carrying their belongings. Instead, canvas backpacks will allow them to have everything in one backpack.

Canvas backpacks are recommended for anyone who wishes to go for outdoor adventures. Since college students may be involved in activities such as hiking, camping, and mountaineering, they need bags that will endure such tough activities. In addition to the carrying capacity of the backpacks, this feature conveniently allows one to enjoy their adventure without worry.

Canvas backpacks can be waxed to strengthen their heavy duty qualities further. With this, canvas backpacks assure college students of longevity. In the same fashion, waxing canvas ensures that the material is impenetrable without making it heavier than it initially was. College students will, therefore, be in a position to carry as much luggage in a stronger backpack.

Why a backpack is better than a standard laptop bag or messenger bag

There are some advantages that college students are likely to enjoy when they choose to use backpacks as opposed to standards laptop bags or messenger bags.

More storage space

There is no doubt that backpacks will offer college students more storage space in comparison to standard laptop bags or messenger bags. This will allow the users to carry more items, especially when traveling or when moving bulky goods. At the same time, when students can store more goods in one place, they are likely to be neater and more organized. Moreover, this will leave more space for other items or other activities, giving the room in which one lives a more welcoming appearance.


Laptop bags, in particular, have one strap that students can use to carry on their shoulders. If this goes on for a long time, one is likely to feel the burden on one of their shoulders. However, backpacks provide a balance when one carries luggage, eliminating the possibility of straining one side. In short, the comfort with which college students can carry goods while in college is greatly enhanced when they choose to have backpacks over laptop bags.

Protects items from the elements

One of the major advantages of backpacks is that they have multiple compartments and sleeves. These work to ensure that valuable items such as laptops and tablets are protected from extreme elements. At the same time, most backpacks have padded compartments. This feature ensures that every item contained in the backpacks does not suffer from the impact of collisions. Most backpacks are also made of waterproof material, helping them to shield electronics and other gadgets, especially during the rains.

Keeps one organized

This comes from the fact that backpacks can be used to store an array of items in one place. When compared to having some laptop bags or messenger bags, it is clear that backpacks are more likely to promote better organization. This is especially important for college students who have little time to spare. Such students can use the time saved in this way to concentrate on their studies. Besides, this kind of organization also goes a long way in helping students to be organized in other spheres of life. In the long run, one becomes a better student.


Most backpacks offer one the option to lock and keep their belongings safe. With the rush that is life in college, one can leave some of their essential unattended from time to time. However, if one has a backpack that can be locked, it will be possible to keep their property under key and lock. Since college students cannot afford to lose their belongings so frequently, there is no doubt that backpacks will serve them better than laptop bags in this regard.

Easier movement in crowded places

It is easier to move from one place to another when carrying a backpack. When college students walk in crowded places, any backpack is likely to promise easier movement.


Things To Look For When Researching Backpacks For College

Storage size or capacity is the first factor you should consider when choosing a college backpack. So make a list of all the items you will be carrying on a daily basis. Your list should contain textbooks, notepads, pens, pencils, files or folders, laptop, tablet, cell phone, snacks, drinks, gym shoes, and any other supplies that you need for your course of study. Make sure you choose a backpack that can hold all these items and still have a little space for additional items that may come up once in a while.

Quality goes a long way in determining the durability and comfort of a bag. Quality is not always about material and lining strength; you have to look for something more. The majority of products are designed with different fastenings including press studs, Velcro, zips or buttons. Choosing to buy a bag with Velcro fastenings can give you easy access to your material, but the disadvantage is that the fastening can sometimes not be that strong thus making it vulnerable for your equipment or books falling out.

A backpack with multiple compartments, partitions and accessories will enable you to stay organized throughout the day. These internal and external sections also help you to protect valuable items like your laptop. Look out for a well-padded section where you can place your laptop or tablet. Additional side compartments will keep your drinks from spilling onto your books. You may also like to buy a backpack that has accessories with battery packs for charging your digital devices or a feature that enables you to listen to music or lectures while you are commuting in a bus or train.

When it comes to reliability in storing books or any other electronic equipment, it is my opinion to choose a bag with zippers for better security. If you are careful and make sure that the bag is zipped up, the contents on the inside will be less vulnerable to loss or theft. This should give you more confidence as you go about your day that all your material is safe and not disturbed. Press-stud poppers are also sturdy enough to fasten your backpack securely.

Zippers are among the most important parts of your backpack. The number and quality of zippers on your pack will determine how long and how well it will serve you. Double zippers are better than single zippers. In some cases, double zippers make the bag more secure because when one breaks, the other one will act as a back-up. Some backpack manufacturers provide a warranty on the zippers. So if any of them breaks within the warranty period, you can return it and get a replacement. This arrangement can help students, who are cash-strapped, to reduce costs.

A backpack is worn on your shoulders and it becomes part of your style. This is usually important if you are male or female. Fashion conscious professors have also shown their style by the bag that they choose. Since you are unlikely to use more than one or two backpacks, you should select a color that combines well with most of the clothes you will be wearing to class. In addition to the common black color, you could also choose other colors like navy blue and dark brown. Lighter colors may get you noticed quickly but they will be difficult to maintain because they will get dirty easily.

Style may not be essential but it is important for a college student because your backpack can greatly define your personality. It’s a form of expression from which the world see’s and identifies you. So it is important to take your time and look for the proper device that fits your needs, and does not cramp your style in the process. If you do not have passion for designer material, than you could find a quality mid-level bag that fits your needs just fine. You do not have to break the bank to find a stylish high quality pack that does everything that you need it to do.

Considering the heavy weight of the things you will put in your bag, you should make sure the empty backpack has a very light weight. You should pick the right size backpack and never overload it. Don’t overlook this tip because some backpacks with wheels and rigid frames will add significant weight to what you will carry around every day. Check the weight of any bag you want to buy and choose one made with lightweight materials. Synthetic materials usually have less weight than leather. If you need to buy a backpack with wheels, ensure that the frame and wheels are made of light and durable materials.

A pack with multiple compartments, partitions and accessories will enable you to stay organized throughout the day. These internal and external sections also help you to protect valuable items like your laptop. Look out for a well-padded section where you can place your laptop or tablet. Additional side compartments will keep your drinks from spilling onto your books. You may also like to buy a pack that has solar charging capabilities. This would enable you to keep your gadgets charged while you are on the way to school.

You should read as many user reviews as possible about the backpack you want to buy. After doing some initial research, you will be able to narrow your list of potential choices to two or three bags. Then read some reviews and ask a few questions where possible. This is very important when you are buying your college pack online. Remember that you will not be able to see it physically and test it. So you need to rely on what other users have to say to determine how long it lasts and the number of things you can actually put inside it.

Price is a major factor when purchasing a good bag for college. But at the same time you have to keep in mind that you are paying for fees and tuition, as well as books and other odd and ends that will get you through the school year. Keeping that in mind, staying within your budget would be a wise move when looking for the product that is right for you.

Selecting the right bag that meets your needs is one of the most rewarding choices you can make. If you take some time to do your research, you will be able to pick a durable, lightweight, affordable, and comfortable model with adequate storage space for all the items you need to move around.



Other Things To Consider About College Besides A Backpack


Attending college can be an exciting but anxious time. To help ensure that you get off to the best possible start, it is important to understand how to prepare for college. You should be focused and driven. But, this does not mean that there is no opportunity to also enjoy this period of your life. Yes, there will be days when you wish you were still in high school, but, in general, most people look back on their higher studies as one of the best periods of their life. In order to reduce the overall stress that is felt and to help you adjust to your new life, you should take a moment to check out the following advice. The right amount of preparation can help ensure that your first year is memorable for all the right reasons.

One of the most important activities that you will need to do prior to beginning college is to decide where to live. If choosing an establishment close to your family’s home, you may want to continue living with your parents to save on costs. On the other hand, most students take the opportunity to attend college as a chance to gain their independence. There can be the option of moving into a dorm or even getting your own apartment.

Where you choose to live would, in part, be determined by your financial situation. Always check out a number of options before coming to any decision. An off campus apartment shared with other students may be cheaper that a regular dorm, but it can involve additional transportation costs. Just make sure you decide on what accommodation you want early, because the best choices get snapped up quick.


You will need to stand out


The key to not being the “average college student” is to have a unique educational background. In a crowded job market, that unique background can cut you ahead of the mob and put your resume to the top of the pile (sometimes literally). Possessing both a university’s theoretical education and a college’s practical training is one way to stand out, demonstrating your special perspective on the career you wish to enter.


Maturity and wisdom is important


Consider yourself and your viewpoints a short two years ago and how they’ve changed in the interim. There’s a significant difference between entering the workforce at 20, 23 and 26. It’s cliché, but this phase of your life is a time of change. Over the course of a few years your ideas, perspective, and personality will shift. Entering the workforce a few years later can put you ahead of the crowd strictly by making you a slightly more mature, wiser voice.


You’ll learn what you really want


As your maturity level shifts, so too does your outlook on your job and your career. While degree programs at higher education institutions focus on a specific career, there’s room for variation within that career, and electives to be taken so you can focus on a specific aspect. Over the course of those four years, you will have a chance to examine every facet of your career, decide what area of it you really want to be involved in, and what suits you best. This time to consider what you want out of life before making the leap into the workforce will be immensely valuable.

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