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If you are going on vacation, you will want to wear comfortable shoes. Most people walk more while on vacation than they do in their normal lives. However, if...

on vacationIf you are going on vacation, you will want to wear comfortable shoes. Most people walk more while on vacation than they do in their normal lives. However, if you want to look stylish or need to dress up for a night out on the town, sneakers or flip flops may not be an option. In this case, flats may be ideal. Below are some of the best ballet flats for walking while you are out.

Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye

The Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye is made out of a soft leather material and a sole made from man-made, rubber-like materials. The show is consistently rated as one of the most comfortable offerings around. What sets these flats apart from many others is the straps that help to hold your foot and ankle in place.

They give these shoes a true ballet feel. They come in a variety of colors including tan, silver and black, ensuring there is something to match any outfit in your closet. These shoes fit true to size but do stretch slightly, as is common with leather shoes. It is important to point out that these flats are often confused with the similar sounding and spelled Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandayss Ballet Flat. While the styles are identical, the Mandayss is made from synthetic, of fake, leather, whereas the Mandalaye features real leather. Real leather breathes, conforms to the foot and is generally considered to be much more comfortable. So keep this in mind as you shop for these flats, especially online.

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PUMA Women’s Zandy

The PUMA women’s Zandy  is a cross between an athletic shoe and dress shoe. The shoe is made from synthetic patent leather with mesh sides, while the bottom has a rubber sole. The patent leather helps dress the shoe up, while the mesh sides give it an athletic look and feel that also helps the foot to breathe. This is a mid-range price shoes that look cute but will not break the bank.

This model tends to run on the smaller side and is narrower, so most people recommend sizing up about half a size or avoiding this shoe if you have a wide foot. However, once you find the right size, the shoe is great. It has a lot of padding that makes it feel comfortable and helps you feel like you are wearing a tennis shoe, rather than a dressier ballet flat. This shoe is currently available in black or gray, but color options may be expanded in the future.

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Anne Klein Sport Women’s Able

The Anne Klein Sport Women’s Able is one of the best rated models out there. It is a beloved shoe and for good reason. This product is made from textile or fabric with a rubber sole. This helps keep it light and allows your foot to breathe while walking around all day. But one of the things that sets this shoe apart from others is the wide array of colors and patterns the shoe comes in.

Because it isn’t made from leather or leather-like materials, you have a wide array of color and patterns. You can go with a simple black flat, a classic ivory or splurge for something fun like leopard print or a colorful floral print. These shoes run true to size, have sufficient padding and have an ever-so-slight-wedge heel that helps support the arch.

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FRYE Women’s Carson

FRYE is mostly known for their boots. However, they also make stunning ballet flats. Their ballet flats are not cheap, but if quality is important to you then these shoes should be held in high regard. However, they are made from high-quality leather and even have leather soles. Once again, because they are leather, they will stretch a bit.

However, FRYE does have a great sizing guide on their website that tells you exactly what size shoe you should be ordering based on the length of your foot. This guide is true to size for their shoes, ensuring you get the right size for your foot. They are basic leather flats in traditional leather colors. However, they are high-quality and will last. If you are looking to invest in a comfortable, classic pair of flats, these shoes may be perfect for you.

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Tips for Finding Comfortable Ballet Flats For Walking

As you prepare for vacation, you may be looking to purchase comfortable casual shoes. When you are shopping for them, the first thing you want to look for is a pair that has some form of arch support, especially if you have high arches. While arch support is typically minimal in on most models, finding a pair with no support at all will cause your feet to be achy and sore by the end of the day. And speaking of sore feet, the next thing you want to look for in comfortable flats is padding. There should be plenty of cushioning or padding on the bottom of the flat. This helps ensure it doesn’t feel like you are walking around bare foot. The last thing you need to keep in mind is the fit.

Most of them will stretch out a tiny bit as you wear them. However, they won’t stretch that much. You want the flats to fit snug when you try them on, without feeling uncomfortable. If the shoe is rubbing against your toes or digging into your heel, size up. However, if you have space between the heel of the flat and your foot, size down.

Finding the right pair of flats is not an easy task. You need to spend time researching various kinds and trying on different ones in the store to find out what works best for your size and shape of foot. It is also strongly recommended that you wear them so you could break them in before you go on vacation, ensuring you don’t have to walk around with sore feet while trying to have a good time. If you take the time to read reviews and shop around for a good pair, you should be able to find the most comfortable ballet flats to walk in while on vacation for you.

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