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Use of backpacks has been on the rise these days. A growing number of executives and professionals in different fields are now finding this essential packing device more easy and versatile than what it traditionally carried, like briefcases and side bags....

business meeting

The use of backpacks has been on the rise these days. A growing number of executives and professionals in different fields are now finding this essential packing device more easy and versatile than what they traditionally carried, like briefcases and side bags. One of the most important reasons for the growing popularity of the best business backpack for the modern worker is due to its multipurpose usability. So many mobile devices are available like laptops, tablets and many other gadgets that the professionals needs to have access to daily, makes this device essential. The best backpacks for work are really a functional accessory that enables the user to arrange everything in proper order and pick them out hassle free. Apart from professional use, backpacks have now become an essential part of traveling, especially when the user is on a business trip.


If you are a business professional, who is usually on the move, you should consider using a backpack for travel. Although it is true that the briefcase was once a symbol of professionalism, the backpack is now the preferred choice of many business executives. The sheer functionality of the backpack makes it a must-have in our technology-driven work environment. It will help you to get organized quickly, and enable you to put all your digital gadgets, documents, and other personal items in the appropriate compartments. In essence, backpacks designed for professionals will give you quick access to the tools you need while you move from one place to another.

brinch businessBrinch Fashion Business Travel4.3
swiss 1900SwissGear ScanSmart19004.6
xenon 2Samsonite Xenon 24.5
belkin slimBelkin Slim Notebook4.4
solo pro bagSolo Pro Pack4.2
Kenneth ColeKenneth Cole Reaction4.7


BRINCH Fashion Business Travel

brinch business




This backpack is really a fashion icon for today’s technology savvy professionals. It can handle up to an 17 inch laptop and  is lightweight, durable and uniquely designed, having options to carry it on your back and also having the option to carry it on your side with the  shoulder strap. It’s completely foam padded to make your electronics completely shock and vibration proof. Multiple pockets are very useful in keeping many other smaller devices and articles organized.


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SwissGear Travel Gear ScanSmart  1900

swiss 1900





This lightweight SwissGear backpack keeps any Laptop, Notepad or MacBook safe with its durability and extra padding. With this pack, you have the ability to accommodate a laptop computer up to 17 inches in size. The laptop pockets are foam padded to keep your electronics and personal devices completely shock and vibration proof. The open viewing compartment makes it very convenient for the user to take their laptop out quickly at airport checkpoints to help get through the security line as quick as possible. It has lots of pockets and connectors for storing many different mobile accessories like, books, files, documents, water bottle and umbrella neatly and hassle free. The smaller organizer pockets are divided in such a way that smaller items like pens, wallets, bank cards and adapters can be comfortably placed inside this amazing pack conveniently.


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Samsonite Luggage Xenon 2

xenon 2




The Samsonite Xenon 2 Backpack is the right backpack for those individuals who prefer a pack that is rugged, organized and has a unique smart look. This lightweight backpack is one of the most popular backpacks among executives and professionals. It comes in two different specifications and completely waterproof. The device has the ability to accommodate various sizes of Laptops.  The very innovative system of padding on the back provides ultimate comfort to the user and also regulates heat inside the bag. Multi functional pockets both inside and outside are just perfect for keeping other mobile devices, accessories, paper documents in perfect orders.


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Belkin Slim Notebook

belkin slim



This lightweight slim bag is just perfect for carrying any laptop or electronic device. It has multiple compartments to carry everything from business and bank cards, pens, mobile phones, adapters, and notebook accessories with no problem. The aesthetically designed shoulder straps is a nice touch and the backside to this pack has foam padding and ventilated mesh for maximum comfort and temperature adjustment inside the bag. A separate headphone grommet provides easy access to mobile music players or the mobile phone while keeping it safe in the pocket.


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Solo Pro Backpack


solo pro bag



This uniquely designed professional backpack is a perfect option for carrying digital devices and other office supplies all together. The Laptop compartment easily keeps any laptop up to 17 inches in length. The laptop compartment is build shock proof by adding extra pad on both sides of the compartment .There is another pocket to keep large sized smart phone, tablet or iPad. Built in, are numerous other pockets for keeping other office personal devices including wallets, bank cards and mobile accessories make it a multi functional backpack for modern executives.


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Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access

Kenneth ColeThe Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access is the backpack that most resembles a briefcase. You don’t have to sacrifice style for utility with this rucksack. Made of genuine Colombian cowhide leather, it resembles a messenger bag with its single gusset flap over a tablet pocket. Just like a briefcase, you can pick it up by its top handle, a great way to carry your backpack around on a crowded train or airplane.  The heavy leather gives it a lot of structure, so it stands up on its own, rather than slouching like a traditional backpack, yet another way to show off your sense of style. The padded laptop compartment has a zipper that goes all the way around, making it really easy to get through those  lines at the airport. It’s small enough to qualify as a personal item on some flights, so you can save yourself some money on luggage fees when you fly. A stylish option for those who get nostalgic about the good old days of briefcases and messenger bags.

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What To Look For In A Professional Backpack

Comfort is one of the major benefits of using the best work backpack. The padded straps allow you to carry all the weight on your back. You will be able to carry heavier loads without feeling pain in your arms or shoulders. This is better than a situation where you have to hold on to a briefcase or messenger bag for long hours. Having your arms free also helps you to move safely up the stairs or walk up hill in a relatively rough terrain. With a rolling backpack, you have the option of switching between the backpack and the trolley so you can take the strain off your back.

Backpacks designed for professionals usually have more storage space and compartments than normal bags. So you can put more items inside them. For instance, your pack will be able to contain your laptop, tablet, business files and documents, pens, notepad, lunch box, keys, a few clothing items, a pair of shoes and personal care items like an electric shaver. Each item will sit comfortably in its compartment without coming in direct contact with items in other compartments. If your work requires you to travel with a very short notice, you should use a professional backpack to help you to take all the essential things you will need for each trip.

If you regard style just as much as you regard functionality, then a business backpack will meet your needs and satisfy your taste for elegance. New, attractive, and fashionable designs have been introduced into the market. This has elevated the common perception about the backpack among professionals. Thus, you can now buy a backpack that will look trendy, and carry everything you need without looking unprofessional.

The most recently produced backpacks are modernized with special sleeves for laptops, cord organizer pockets, and distinct spaces for various items. None of these backpacks  looks embarrassing so you can take them into a boardroom for a business meeting. In fact, with the rapid increase in the use of backpacks by professionals, they no longer look less formal than briefcases or messenger bags

As a business professional, you would like to invest in a backpack that will serve you effectively for some years before it gets worn out. Professional backpacks are made of durable synthetic materials like nylon and polyester that are quite strong and age gracefully. So they won’t start looking tattered after one or two years. They are also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about rain or any kind of liquid spilling onto your gadgets or documents. In addition, these backpacks are very easy to clean using water and mild soap when necessary.

Some packs designed for professionals have wheels.These rolling backpacks allow you to have a two-in-one devicethat serves as a backpack and a trolley. When you need to move about with both hands free, you will treasure the opportunity to put on your backpack. But while you are at the airport, you will enjoy the benefits of using a trolley. Most modern professional backpacks have been carefully redesigned to suit today’s business executive. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should own and use a backpack.


Why is a backpack better than a messenger bag?

A messenger bag may seem stylish, but a backpack has much better ergonomics because weight is distributed evenly across the whole back, instead of just on one side. Beyond that, a messenger bag is hard to access. You first have to first lift the flap, then dig deep into narrow compartments to find what you are looking for. By contrast, a good professional business backpack opens up the whole way and some can even lie flat, so you can easily find what you are looking. They have compartments specifically for tech devices which are padded, so you don’t have to worry about jostling your laptop or tablet around. Backpacks are made for comfort. Many business backpacks come with padded straps, breathable mesh lining, soft interiors and a good shock absorption system. Messenger bags might do the job, but they just are not as comfortable. Beyond that, messenger bags just don’t have the great security features that business-grade professional backpacks have. Double zippers and hidden compartments are standard for most business models.


How to clean and store a leather backpack

Leather is a popular choice for professional-grade backpacks due to its durability, strength, and natural structure. For this reason, it is quite expensive, so you want to take good care of it so it will last a lifetime. Here are a few tips to keep your leather pack in good condition. First of all, if you have any stains that seem to have not set in, simply use water. It’s that easy. Keep in mind that leather is supple because of the many oils it has in it. If you expose leather over time to too much sun, or let too much dirt and other particles build up on it, it will lose its natural oils and begin to crack. Make sure that you follow the cleaning instructions that came with your product to not void any warranty.

Store your pack in the dust bag it came with. If you don’t have it available, a pillowcase or other soft fabric will do. Try to stuff the bag when not in use so it can retain its shape. Put the silica gels it came with inside the backpack to keep moisture away. Keep away from sunlight for prolonged periods.


Why anti-theft features are important

When you travel you always carry your most valuable possessions – passport, wallet, credit cards, debit cards, cash, driver’s license, laptop, and keys, among other things. People who have traveled a lot know that travelers can be subject to theft and it can happen before you even know it. Sometimes you don’t find out until you come back to your hotel and find your most important items gone. When you are in a foreign place it can be a real hassle to replace your passport or your credit cards. Here are some tips to help you keep your backpack secure and your mind at ease while traveling.

Use double zippers, because these can be locked with luggage locks. Try a travel approved lock, because these can easily be opened by the authorities if they need to be, which helps to avoid trouble in the airport, but keeps your possessions secure in other places. The locks can help with pickpockets in crowded areas such as trains and subways, or even on the street. You can also bring a padlock along so that you can place your backpack in a locker provided by the hotel you are staying at. This will give you peace of mind as you go about your business.



How A Professional Backpack Could Help With Productivity

Being a professional that has many thing to carry, you will appreciate and enjoy how a backpack designed for business will meet your needs. Designed to suit almost any kind of occasion, this bag can be used to take your regular work items to and from the workplace every day. You may also use it to carry a change of clothing for short business trips. If you usually go to the gym after you get off from work, asling backpack would also be a good choice. In virtually all situations, your backpack will serve you effectively.

Another benefit that is closely related to organization is having quick access to anything you want in your pack. Most of the backpacks designed for business professionals have a minimum of 5 zippers. So, for instance, if you choose to keep the sales file in the first partition, you will not have to search through all the documents in your backpack before you can locate the documents in the sales file. This helps you to save time and act smart especially when you are in front of clients.

Using a backpack will make it easier for you to get organized when you have to be on the move. That is one of the major reasons why they were designed. You won’t have to throw your all your documents, laptop, tablet, and clothes into a briefcase. Instead, you will have well defined partitions where you can place different items. This means that your lunch box will never come in contact with your laptop and your drink will never spill on your documents or gym shoes. It is like carrying a mobile shelf with your things well arranged and within reach.

Backpacks now have the features required to provide functionality, convenience and style. You can find suitable rolling backpacks that can be transformed into trolleys to improve comfort and mobility. Due to the requirements of our modern technology-dependent work processes, we can no longer ignore the importance of these bags that are designed for business use.


Why A Backpack Works Great For A Business Traveler

Most business people prefer traveling with briefcases to backpacks because the briefcase is easily portable. What they miss is that a pack gives the traveler a wide space to put all his personal and business requirements with no need of having an extra overnight bag. Below are some of the top reasons to ditch your briefcase during your next business trip.


Better and easy mobility

Before the trip, one has several things to do like organizing for flight, car, house rentals to book and endless airport security to pass through. With a backpack, the process remains very fast because there is no need for you to put your bag down to handle all of these necessities. This piece is always on your back wherever you go and can only be removed if you want it to.


Weight distribution

It is a conventional requirement for backpacks to have straps. It has both the left and right hand side where the weight is evenly distributed on the back. This avoids the load from getting tiresome as compared to a briefcase which can only be carried by one hand.


Versatile organization

A pack has several pockets all around it. One can be used to keep the laptop and business materials while the other part could be used to keep other personal requirements such as clothes shoes and toothpaste. This will help the business traveler avoid carrying more than one piece of luggage. It also contains the bottom pocket that keeps the rain cover making the organization of the pack even better.


Easier access

Once you pack your bag before leaving, one knows where each specific item is located. Indeed it gives an easier access to the items in the bag than a briefcase would. Backpacks make the access of specific materials such as ATM cards and passports easier.


High holding capacity

The backpack has a very wide space that can be used to keep all the personal and business requirements without any need of an extra bag. Unlike briefcases that can only keep the laptop and business books, a backpack can keep all your needed requirements for your trip.


Better protection

The owner knows when to open it or remove it from his back. This makes the protection of the bag easier because one can settle down with the bag anywhere he wants to. Actually it leads to a decrease in the loss of documents and luggage.


Explore the surrounding

Since packs has a vast storage area, other things such as swim gear or gym clothing could be part of what you bring. Having these items with you will make your trip more enjoyable. It will give you the ability to explore the surrounding area creating an adventure that makes the business trip even more exciting than monotonous.


Weight relief

The backpack distributes all the items in the pack. It makes the weight to be distributed all around leading to a weight relief that avoids backspin in case the luggage was too heavy for the trip.

In a nutshell, these advantages make the backpack more important over the briefcases. Traveling is made easier, faster and less tiresome to the traveler. Consider ditching your briefcase when planning to visit a foreign nation as a business traveler and you will enjoy the convenience the backpack affords you.

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