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All parents know that traveling with a baby can be quite a hassle at times. Choosing a backpack diaper bag could be one of the best decision you could make when traveling with a child....


mom and babyIf you are a new parent, then you should know already that traveling with a baby can be a struggle at times. For one, you need to carry with you all the things that a baby would need. This include toys, milk, a change of clothes, baby grooming essentials, toys, and of course, diapers. Previously, the only option parents had was to get a sling bag that would accommodate everything that a baby needs. The thing with sling bags is that they are not the most ergonomically advantageous bags around. They can be quite cumbersome to carry and not to mention that they can cramp ones style. Fortunately for today’s parents, you can find the best diaper backpack to fit your needs.


ju ju be legacy be righ backJu-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Right Back4.8
Ferlin DiaperFerlin Multi-function Baby Diaper Nappy Bags4.3
imythImyth Large Capacity4.5
wallarooWallaroo Diaper Bag4.4
evecaseBaby Diaper Backpack, Evecase4.5
Damero BlueDamero Travel Baby Nappy Bag4.2
polka dot blackBaby Diaper Bag Smart Organizer4.4
16 pocket bagBaby 16 Pockets Waterproof Backpack4.6
lekebabyLekebaby Unisex Large Capacity4.3
yuhan handbagYuHan Baby4.5
FormaSkip Hop FORMA4.3
perfect pocketJeep Perfect Pocket4.5
Dude SportsDiaper Dude Sport4.4
OrgrimmarOrgrimmar Diaper Tote4.6
Bebamour ToteBebamour Travel Backpack Tote4.5


Ju-Ju-BeLegacy Collection Be Right Back

ju ju be legacy be righ backIt’s made from Teflon, so stains rarely stick on this bag. It has five zippered pockets, four main pockets, padded shoulders as well as mommy pockets. It carries with it a 90-day limited warranty for any manufacturing defects. It has Teflon exterior andagioninterior lining. This model is an incredibly versatile andchic bag for elegant moms. It’s everything you’d want is a backpack seamlessly combining style, design, and functionality.

These qualities are what makes it ideal for adventures and even day trips. It has smaller pockets with a cord for keys as well as a safety pouch for sunglasses. The back zippered pocket is large enough to fit a laptop, books or a tablet measuring about 11.5 inches. This bag is equipped with a matching memory foam changing pad. The textured fabric prevents it from sliding on your shoulders and causing bruises or sores

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FerlinMulti-function Baby

Ferlin DiaperThis bag combines utility, multi-function, as well as fashion and weighs a mere 3.4 pounds. Is made from high-quality, comfortable, anti-water fabric. One critical feature is that it has a large storage capacity comprising lots of pockets and compartments. The bag measures about 18×14.7 inches and has a changing pad of about 25.7×14.2. Most importantly it carries with it a 50-day free exchange offer as well as 185-day warranty.

One of its drawbacks is that the baby wipes pocket can only fit the small size wipes but not the medium or larger sizes. Some of its internal pockets are also quite small. Even then it still has about 18 pockets, it’s well-padded and feels very comfortable on the shoulders. One critical feature that makes them attractive is that it is the ideal size for an adult’s back. It’s also lightweight which is essential especially for long distances.

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ImythLarge Capacity Baby

imythThis bag is 100% polyester material. It has a total of 16 pockets and can comfortably fit a 15-inch laptop. It has not one but two waterproof pockets for wet items and four insulated bottle holders. It’s easy to clean and efficiently large measuring about 11.8″ x 7.1″ x 16.9″. It’s padded at the shoulders and the back. It’s a fantastic back with a simple, elegant design.

This bag works well for moms with toddlers who still maintain a busy schedule. You can take it with you when going for a stroll, shopping, travel and even excursion. Its large size and multi-functional design make it a favorite bag in its’s category. The designers had a heavy focus on combining Eco-friendliness, ergonomically curved back and durable stitching. It’s fitted with a stroller strap and a changing pad measuring 21.2*13.4 inches. It’s light and comfortable without too many frills on it.

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WallarooDiaper Bag with Stroller Straps

wallarooThis cute model is made from polyester nylon. It has a boxy design that significantly increases its carrying capacity for your baby items. It measures about 16x14x8.5 inches. The bag comes in three primary color models. That is black, purple and blue. It’s one of the diaper backpacks that are fitted with a stroller strap for ease of carrying. The exterior cargo pockets are insulated while the internalstoragesare well lined. It carries with it a 1-year warranty.

The inside has a designated carrying capacity of 24 liters. It has an inside changing pad and pockets which can fit tablets. One of its decisive strengths is the high tensile nylon stitching which makes it tough and sturdy even when fully loaded. The bag comes in many varieties ofdeisignsand styles. It’s the ultimate product for capacity carrying when it comes to any items.

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Baby Diaper Backpack,Evecase

evecaseThis lightweight waterproof ultimate pack has a chic design. It’s large enough to carry wallets, diapers, bottles, extra clothes, keys, toys, cell phones and baby wipes. This backpack has a side loop detachable for strapping it onto a cart, stroller or buggy bar. It’s the most outdoorsy backpack diaper bag in the market. It’s made from a water-resistant polyester fabric material. The bag measures about 17 x 11 x 7.5 inches in size.

It fitted with one heat-insulated pocket as well as a cold insulated bottle pockets. It’s a multi-functional bag with pockets for extra items like phones and wallets besides the common spaces for baby stuff including wet diapers. It has two side pockets that are large enough to fit at least two food jars or baby formula. In many ways, it’s a standard pack with nothing much more than the common utilities of a baby backpack.

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DameroTravel Diaper Backpack Baby Nappy

Damero BlueThis product is one of the lightest backpack diaper bags on the market weighing a mere 700 grams. It measures 12.2×8.3×17.3 inches. The bag has two main compartments. One of its compartments has multiple pockets for mommy’s stuff. The second compartment has pockets for bottles, baby wipes, and wet diapers. Two of these pockets have deluxe EPE foam as an inner lining for heat retention. It also has one hidden zipper in which you can keep the cash.

It can efficiently function as a laptop bag, a routine bag or a travel backpack. This back can help you stay organized with its numerous pockets for stashing different items. Not only is this model lightweight it’s also a waterproof bag made from nylon material. This boxy pack has cushioned straps and ergonomic back designed. It’s not fitted with a stroller clip since it has a single hand loop at the top.

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Baby Diaper  Smart Organizer

polka dot blackThis Waterproof Travel model is fantastic. It’s a very chic product that combines a spacious interior, incredible functionality, and multiple compartments. It’s fitted with an exterior left side pocket for baby wipes. The right side pocket can handle a baby bottle or any kind of feeding bottle. The bag’s insulated bottle pocket can fit up to 3 bottles. Overall the bag has about 16 pockets with a main compartment that can handle a 15-inch laptop.

It has properly padded shoulder straps as well as stroller clips for dangling. This backpack is made from polyester material, and it’s remarkably easy to clean. The main compartment is divided into two mesh pockets as well as a notebook pocket. The front layer has a moisture proof pocket ideal for pacifiers. At the bottom, it’s fitted with a waterproof pocket for wet diapers. The bag weighs about 33.2 ounces and has an impressively durable stitching.

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Baby 16 Pockets Waterproof

16 pocket bagThis lightweight, fabric travel pack is a great model to have. It’s made of water-resistant fabric, and it’s remarkably easy to clean. It has about 16 pockets including four insulated bottle holders and two waterproof pockets for wet items and an extra pocket for a pacifier. Certain parts have extra padding to increase carrying comfort and the safety of the items in case of a fall. It has two linen straps for attaching it to a stroller.

The main compartment is made up of two pockets while the middle layer has three insulation pouches for drinks. It’s a multifunctional bag with pockets for drinks, clothing, diapers, wallet, keys and even cell phone. At the bottom it’s fitted with a waterproof pocket for wet diapers and umbrellas. It will serve you perfectly if you need to carry items for 1 or two kids. The main bag measures 16.9×7.1×15 inches while the changing pad measures about 21.2×13.4 inches.

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LekebabyUnisex Large Capacity

lekebabyThis particular model has about 18 interiors as well as exterior pockets for all kinds of items and necessities. It’s easy to move around with and can fit perfectly onto a stroller. The bag is made from polyester fabric which is water repellent. The back panel is completely padded which makes it comfortable and kind to your back when strapped. It’s also ergonomically curved and fitted with padded shoulder straps.

This model has a changing diaper pad of about23×12and it’s pretty spacious for a bag of its size. It can help you to keep your items organized if you are planning to be out for a while. It’s also popular because it has a gender neutral look, and has a very appealing design. It weighs about2kgsand it’s a larger capacity pack. Notably it carries a 100% money back guarantee. The bag has one large compartment as well as two exterior side pockets for carrying wet items.

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YuHanBaby Diaper Bag

yuhan handbagThis travel backpack handbag large capacity, it’s well designed and sturdy. It’s ideal for moms with toddlers. It’s made from waterproof nylon which makes it easy to clean or wipe off spills. It has an incredibly large capacity for its size measuring about 11.8 x 7.1 x 16.9 inch.  It’s also fitted with a total, of four insulation bags for drinks and wet diapers. The bag weighs an average of 0.9 kgs which puts it in the lightweight category. It’s famed for its numerous small side pockets.

It is essentially a baby pack that can double up and be used for travel. This makes it easy especially for moms who have to move with toddlers over considerable distances in a day. It’s one of the most spacious and multi-functional bags on the market. When carrying thethis pack,you will never really need to carry extra bags while traveling. This model has Swiss dot and plain bluecolourvarieties which tend to be too feminine or too child-like. There is no color design for men.

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Skip Hop FORMA

FormaThis is one of the top models you will find on the market. This bag is made of light weight and breathable material, it features a front section designed with different pockets to allow easy storage of cubes. The insulated cubes are perfect for water bottles and multipurpose mesh cubes are added to allow better organization and packing of both clothes and snacks. If you need to carry a mini-laptop along, the changing pad pocket will effectively hold your tablet or 15-inch laptop. Elasticized interior pockets and additional cell phone pockets are also found in the backpack. It is simply durable, stylish and ultimately convenient with ample space for everything you need to carry along. This is one the best diaper bags for international travel available.


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Jeep Perfect Pocket

perfect pocketLike the names suggests this is simply a perfect bag for any parent. It is made of durable material and features 12 different pockets as well as stroller loops for your convenience. It also has an insulated bottle pocket and every opening is zipped. This pack is elegant and comes in different colors to match your style. It is important to note that the buttons should be pushed rather than pulled in order to accomplish your intended function. The many pockets are perfectly distributed to balance the items you are carrying and spread the weight around equally. It simply stores all your supplies at close reach and offers both comfort and durability.

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Diaper Dude Sport Backpack

Dude SportsFindingcomfortable backpacksthat allow hip ads and accommodate all baby and dad supplies is not often as easy as you might think. The Dude Sport Backpack is designed to look stylish for dads and has several spacious pockets to carry all the needed supplies while out and about. It features 2 open side pockets, a few interior compartments and comfortable padded shoulder straps for your comfort. Its strong design depicts top durability and it can also accommodate a mini laptop if you need it to. This pack is suitable for the budget conscious parents and would make the perfect gift for any new dad. It looks like the typical school backpack, but offers a more comfortable design and desirable organization to allow packing different items separately. It is one of the best diaper bags for dad around.

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Orgrimmar Diaper Tote


This is a perfect diaper backpack for any parent looking for a stylish and easy to maintain bag. It is made of high quality nylon material and features several interior and exterior pockets to carry all the items that you need while on the go. This device is both breathable and durable. The nylon allows inclusion of beautiful patterns and prints which makes it one of the top visually impressive options that you will find on the market. It is also easy to clean and only needs a wipe with something dry followed by a moist cloth. It also features a water resistant lining that protects your supplies from spills and other wet material that it may come in contact with.

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Bebamour Travel Backpack Tote

Bebamour Tote

This is another viable option to try out if you are looking for something comfortable and simple yet stylish. This easy to carry bag features comfortable padded shoulder straps and two adjustable top handles. It has a single large front pocket, 2 vertical zipper pockets, 2 open side pockets and 8 inside pockets that features a changing mat and baby bottle case. This pack is designed for top comfort. Whenever you feel tired of carrying the pack on your back, the adjustable top handles will give you another way to handle it. This is a very durable bag that come in different colors to suite your taste.

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Why A Backpack Is More Convenient For A Schooling Mother

I. It Has Multiple Storage Space.  School going moms have to figure out how to carry baby stuff as well as her own books and stationery. What makes backpack diapers the best, is that she can easily fit in her items as well as the baby’s stuff. This ample space eliminates the need for multiple bags with the attendant bulkiness. Not only can it comfortably fit the baby’s stuff, but it also has waterproof pockets that protect any valuables that she adds including laptops and tablets.

II. Comfortable on the back.The straps and the ergonomic curving makes it comfy on the back. The padding also makes it easy to carry for long without getting sore on the shoulders. It frees your arms to comfortably carry the baby, unlike dangling side bags. Backpack diaper bags have firm shoulder straps to minimize sliding when you are walking. The firm straps is what makes them comfortable to use during travel. Overall they are also lighter and stronger than most standard diaper bags.

III. Many Padded Compartments.A typical backpack diaper bag has between 12 and 18 pockets. Therefore you are able to store drinks, pacifiers, diapers and even baby wipes. It has pockets that are fitted with a special lining to maintain heat or cold. The bag also has pockets for your personal items like keys, wallets, and thecellphones. Besides that, the main compartment is usually divided into two with enough spaces for even large electronics or books. The ample space makes it easy for you to carry as many items that you need as possible.

IV. Worth Its Price.Most backpack diaper bags cost between $12 and $40. Some are pricier than $40 while a few are cheaper than $12. Overall they are affordable, and they deliver value for money. Most importantly they last long, and they may not need replacing till the kid is grown.


Why A Backpack Is More Convenient For A Working/Traveling Mom

I. More Room for You.Traveling and working moms need bags that not only work for their children but also fits their personal belongings. That’s why the larger size backpack diaper bags are their most convenient. They offer more space than the standard diaper bags even if they are of similar size. You are able to slot in the baby’s items as well as your own without having to mix them up.

II. Perfect For Mommy and Daddy.When traveling with your kid, you want a bag that offers more than mere utility. You want a bag that is stylish and has variety and great designs. The backpack diaper bags are easy to carry since they mostly look like your typical bag. They also come in unisex models. This is why you can comfortably take it with you to the office, in the streets and get back to where your baby is without feeling out of place with it.

III. Great Designs With Big Pockets.Let’s face it, poorly designed bags can cause back problems. This problem is especially common when carrying most standard diaper bag designs. The backpack diaper bags are designed with ergonomically curved back for your comfort. They are also padded at the back and on the shoulders to reduce friction and sliding. Most importantly they have the big pockets closer to the back to minimize strain even if the bag is fully loaded.

IV. Durable Material.Because of the travel and movement to and from work the bag needs to be able to handle lots of dragging, handling and spilling. The backpack diaper bags are mostly made from polyester and nylon with firm and sturdy stitching designs which give them incredible tensity and versatility. Most of them have waterproof and water-resistant interior and exterior lining.


How to Clean and Store Your Bag When Not In Use

I. Washing.Only wash your bag when it becomes dirty and stinky not after every time of travel and use. This enables you to keep it clean without fading it because of washing it too often. Avoid using dry-cleaning since the chemicals destroy the fabric and the lining of the backpack. You should rely on the front-loading washers that is often available at local laundry outlets. Most home-washing machines are not suitable for cleaning bags as they twist and damage the lining and the fabric. When washing your bag use warm water, and a small amount of a mild powdered detergent.

II. Drying.When the bag is wet, the stitching and linings are much weaker. Therefore don’t pull on any part of the bag. Exercise this same caution when lifting the wet bag and moving it around to the dryer. Preferably use the dryer if available. First, turn the dryer’s dial to the lowest then start feeding in the up. Check on the bag periodically to ensure that the bag isn’t scorching particularly if it’s made from nylon or polyester. If you notice that the bag is clumping, then choose to dry it using the line dryer. The line dryer is the best option at all times.

III. Storing.After each trip air your bag for a few hours before placing it into storage. Never store the bag in a stuffed up sack. The more compressed the storage, the more it loses the loft, especially the boxy types. Always hang it from a hook on the wall or use the strap to hang it on the wardrobe rail. Make sure the storage place is cool and dry. Occasionally check on it to ensure that it doesn’t accumulate dust or even develop mold. Always give it a good shake after you’ve emptied it to remove fluff.

A Backpack Can Help You Reduce the Other Bags

I. Makes Storage Easy.Backpacks come in every size and design. There are those that have up to 18 pockets and can carry up to 80 liters of luggage.  Its size and spaciousness, ensures that you won’t have to take lots of other bags with you. Having too many bags increases chances of losing items to theft or damage. The best part is that there are backpacks for any size depending on your traveling needs.

II. Moving It Around Is Easy.Not only does having a pack eliminate the need for many other bags it also enables you to get around easily. Most adult packs have padded shoulder straps, a stroller pin, ergonomically curved back and even padded back, and bottoms with sturdy extra padding. This lightness means that moving around becomes rather easy irrespective of your load. You are able to occupy less space and spend less cash paying for extra luggage at airports.

III. Travelers Are Kept Organized.A typical backpack has about 12 to 18 pockets. Some pockets are lined to maintain heat or cold. There are others that are waterproof for wet items. There are also those that can fit personal effects like keys, wallets, andcellphones. A few have hidden zippers where you can keep valuables like cash, rings, and watches. These pockets enable you to stay organized and know exactly where each item is located.

IV. Security and Safety.Most models designed for adults can easily be locked to protect your valuables. Some have adjustable straps that make it harder for someone to pull out an item while you are unaware. The extra padding also protects you valuables in case the bag falls. Not all models can meet your needs. Make sure you research and ask around for the most elegant and suitable backpack that best suits your purpose, needs, and lifestyle.



Reason To Choose A Diaper Backpack

A diaper backpack is superior to diaper tote bags for several reasons. For one, backpacks are easier to carry. They distribute the weight to both sides of the body and also on your back and waist. If you are used to carrying slings bags then you probably notice that one part of your body usually gets sore after hours of carrying one. Sling bags can also be a pain in the shoulders, literally. If you persist on punishing your body by carrying a sling diaper bag then that pain that you are feeling in your body can turn into a chronic problem a few years or even months from now.

How A Diaper Backpack Could Make Life Easier

A diaper backpack bag can also make your life easier by keeping both of your hands free all the time. The same cannot be said with a standard sling bag because there are instances when you would need to hold the bag to keep it from swinging uncontrollably. If you are traveling with a baby then it is important that both of your hands are free all of the time. If your hands are free then you can also easily attend to your baby’s needs at any time. It would be easy for you to feed them or you could easily grab her hand when you need to.

It is very important to note that all diaper bags are not created equal. Some bags are better than others. This is why you should read many diaper backpack reviews to figure out which one is right for you. The first thing that you should look for in a bag is durability. It must be tough enough to be able to take the punishment of traveling with a baby, and it must also be compact in size and lightweight. A bulky bag can get in the way when you are on the go. Ideally, the best diaper backpack bag should have several compartments so it would be easier for you to access the items you need when you need them.

Why Backpacks Are Becoming More Popular

A backpack is a type of bag that goes by a number of names depending on style and region. It’s often referred to as pack,bookpack,sackpack, knapsack,kitbagas well as a rucksack. At its basic, it is a small form of storage with two straps and can be carried over the shoulders. Most backpacks can carry between 50-80 liters of loaded items. The American market for backpacks is about $2.7 billion while in the U.K. the market is worth about $100 million. There has been a growing health concern over the use of backpacks by kids. Lots of health practitioners are contending that it could lead to back problems. Even then backpacks popularity continues to grow in the other market segments including travel backpacks, military and backpack diaper bags.



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