Best Disc Golf Bag Review

Best Disc Golf Bag Review

Every disc golfer needs a durable disc golf bag that can hold a desirable number of discs and other personal items. We examine some of the best products available....

Best Disc Golf Bag ReviewEvery disc golfer needs a durable disc golf bag that can hold a desirable number of discs and other personal items. Whether you are an experienced player or you are just starting out, you need to know what to look for while searching for a new bag. Below are some of the best disc golf bags on the market.









fitactic luxuryFITACTIC Luxury Frisbee4.6
competitioinInnova Champion Competition4.4
Innova StarterInnova Starter4.2
NutSac 2Double NutSac 24.3
Blue DeluxeDirty Ace Blue Deluxe4.4



FITACTIC Luxury Frisbee


fitactic luxury


For those who are serious about their game, this is the product to get. This model is capable of holding 25-30 discs, so you should not have any worries of leaving anything behind. It is made of thick nylon fabric that gives this product a sturdy feel. When you are not using it, the bag collapses for quick and easy storage. Included are four outside side straps that are capable of holding your stools, towels or umbrellas – it also has two external cup holders. The manufacture put in a lot of time in designing this product and you would not go wrong by choosing it.


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Innova Champion Competition

competitioinIf you want to lighten your load while still having a great time out this would be a fine choice. This Innova model does not weigh much but you still get the functionally and quality of a larger bag. It has great looks and you are able to hold up to 20 discs at one time. The main opening of this bag is designed to hold 18 discs and the front of it has a putter pocket with an elastic rim designed to hold your favorite discs. This particular model comes delivered with a padded shoulder strap, but if you prefer using it as a backpack it does have a 4 point hookup but you would have to purchase the straps separately. It is constructed of very heavy duty water resistant nylon material, and should serve you well for many years.

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Innova Starter


Innova StarterFor those who are new to the sport, this is the bag to choose. This is a very affordable beginner’s model that is very lightweight and capable of holding up to 10 discs. It comes in multiple color options so you should be able to find one that fits your personal taste. On the outside of the bag is a netted pocket that is capable of holding a standard water bottle or soda can. This bag serves its purpose and would work perfect for someone that is new to the sport.




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Double NutSac 2

NutSac 2

If you are in the market for a well-made smaller sized bag, this is the one to choose. It would serve you well if you like to carry 3 to 15 discs at a time. This model has two compartments, but if you are not carrying very many discs than the backside can collapse out of the way. It is made of a thick canvas which should hold up for many years. If you are not a fan of the standard tan color it is not a problem, this bag comes in multiple colors so it should not be too hard to find one that fits your style.


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Dirty Ace Blue Deluxe


Blue DeluxeThe Dirty Ace Deluxe bag is designed to keep all of your equipment organized when you need it. If you are not carrying very much equipment, this bag holds its shape nicely and does not sag. If you get caught in the rain this bag does not get heavier because it is made of water resistant material, This model is capable of holding up to 12 disc and has compartment designed especially for your score card, towel, pencils and water bottle. When you are not playing a game of disc golf, this bag could serve well as a standard gym or overnight bag.


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What To Look For In A Good Disc Golf Bag


Adequate Storage Space


Every disc golf bag has a maximum number of discs it can hold. Your disc bag should have enough space to hold all the discs you are planning to use for your sport. So if you currently have about 10 discs and you intend to buy 6 more, you should buy a product that can carry at least 18 discs. Bear in mind that if immediately you get a good model, that you are happy with, you will be motivated to buy more discs. In addition to discs, the bag will be used to carry putters, your mobile phone, keys, some snacks, a towel, and at least one big water bottle. So make sure the product has sufficient space for these items.


Big Enough To Hold Your Gear

The size you want your disc golf bag to be varies upon your skill level and how intense you intend to play. The size of your disc golf bag has a direct effect on how many discs you’re able to carry. Many bags allow you to comfortably carry 12-14 discs, while competition size bags can carry up to 20. Casual play ends around 20 discs, while playing in a tournament will likely require you to have 20 discs. A starter bag contains 8-10 discs. If you’re an intense player or you’re on expert level, you may want a larger bag with more compartments for water and additional items.


A Disc Organizer or Storage System

When you have eight or more discs, you will need a bag that can help you organize your discs, so you can easily pick the one you need. For this reason, a disc organizer is essential. Most well-designed model have removable internal dividers that allow you to separate your drivers and mid-rangers. They also have a front pouch where you can keep a number of discs so you don’t have to dig into the main section of the bag while playing. In addition, some high quality gear have a ring where you can put a golf towel for cleaning your equipment when it gets dirty.

Your turn will come up quickly and you want to be ready when it comes. Not only that, you’ll need to be able to access a specific disc. You want to be able to quickly reach your distance driver, fairway driver, mid range disc, putt and approach disc, recreational and specialty discs. Depending on what is called for during the game, you’ll be reaching for one of these pieces. You don’t want to waste game time shuffling through a bag that’s not organized or designed for playing this game. By using the correct gear, you’ll play a better game.


The bag that you decide on should be sturdy and well made. It should have strong double-stitched seams all around it and be suitable for any type of terrain. You need a bag that can withstand wear and stand upright regardless of the number of discs it is holding. The bag’s straps should be strong enough to carry a full load of discs without ripping off at the seams. Although most bags come with a manufacturers warranty, you should find out more about their customer support before buying them. For instance, you should find out whether you can get a zip replaced if it gets damaged after the warranty period.


Multiple Pockets

Multiple pockets help you to stay organized with little mental effort while you are playing. High quality models will offer you many pockets distributed across various sections of the bag. Many bags have mesh pockets under the main flap where you can keep your wallet, keys, or score card. In front, most bags have an open pocket where you can place a putter or your favorite disc. At the sides, you can also have small pockets to hold your keys, phone and mp3 player. Most top line bags also provide a dedicated sleeve for holding a relatively large water bottle.

The Reason Why Finding The Right Disc Golf Bag Is Important

Just like with any other sports specialty bag, you need good gear to play the game. The first reason is because they’re designed to organize your discs in an upright fashion so that you can see each type of individual disc. If you place your discs in a gym bag, you’re likely going to stack them one on top of the other. There is no internal compartments within a typical gym bag that lets you individually see each disc at all times.

With the proper bag, you’ll spend zero time searching around for the right driver. Also, the shape of the backpack is important. Gym bags are not shaped to fit discs, and they’re not meant to be carried all over the field. The right equipment is specially designed to be lightweight, keeping your focus on the game instead of tired body parts.

Disc golf is a fun and surprisingly physically demanding game. Sure, you’ll need more accuracy than strength to play a good game. However, you’ll need the strength to lug your equipment all over the  course. This is when it becomes important to have a comfortable bag that can be easily carried, which isn’t necessarily a standard backpack or other type of bag. For maximum comfort, get something with a carrying strap that you can carry evenly across your shoulders instead of the cross body design.

You can get a nice looking, organized cross body model, but you may find that you’re switching shoulders frequently. You can also choose a rolling disc golf bag if you prefer to roll your discs along with you without having to carry them at all. Be sure that there is actual padding in your shoulder straps if you choose a shoulder design. This way the straps are not digging into your skin over time, but providing padded comfort. Also consider that many disc golf backpacks are made for more narrowly built people. If you’re a large person or you wear XL or XXL, you may want to see how well the bag fits your frame before you purchase it.


Why You Should Play Disc Golf

First and foremost,playing this game is fun. It plays exactly like golf in that there are multiple goals in various places. You attempt to throw yourdiscinto the goal in as few tosses as possible. The person with the fewest throws of thediscwins. It gets you outside in the fresh air walking and using your entire body to angle thedisctowards the goal as efficiently as possible. If you can walk and can twist your body enough to throw a Frisbee, you can play this game.

The rules are straight forward. You begin in a tee box and tee off with at least one foot inside the tee box when you let go of yourdisc. If you miss with yourdiscand thediscis in bounds, you mark your location with the lie. Like the tee box, you must have one foot on the lie when you release your next throw. The two targets you toss towards are the object and basket. You don’t complete the hole until thediscfalls into the basket, referred to as “holing out.”

You’ll encounter several types ofdiscsas you play. Just like with golf clubs, eachdiscis appropriate in different situations. It’s important to understand each one and its use to avoid adding unnecessary difficulty to your shots. The types include:

  • Putter – Just like in golf, this one is for the close shots.
  • Mid-range – Great starter piece, these are an excellent compromise between distance and control. As a beginner, if you only use onediscthe entire game, use this one.
  • Driver – Just like in golf, this is for the long shots like a tee off. Its weight concentrates on the rim, and it’s designed to achieve as much distance as possible with less importance upon its final destination.


You want to practice with all of thediscsbut start with the mid-range. You’re unlikely to get close enough with your driver to need the putter right away. You’re also likely to see better results driving with the mid-rangediscinitially because the driver is significantly harder to control. There are some courses small enough never to use a driver at all. Next, you’ll want to practice with the putter. Once you master both the putter and the mid-rangedisc, it’s time to get a better feel for aiming and tossing the driver.

When you hit the object, you need yourdiscto have enough force to fall into the basket below. Don’t hesitate to throw thedischard when aiming for the objective. A light throw may still land in the object but may not have enough get-up-and-go left to settle into the basket necessitating another toss. Thediscsand goals are all sturdy. Don’t be afraid to throw with a significant amount of force as long as it’s safe to do so. If thediscdoes break for some reason, the largest piece of it is where you’ll place your mark.

How do you know when it’s safe? The field needs to be clear of people and animals that might be struck by amisthrowor piece of amaterialthat happens to break away upon impact. No one should be anywhere near the target object or basket. Ideally, everyone would be behind you during the throw. With new players sometimes an early or late release can send athrowinto places no one would expect. It’s highly unlikely that thediscwill go behind the thrower but far left and far right can happen from time to time. Even good players have adiscslip out of their hand now and again.

Thisis a fun sport. It’s easy enough most people can do it. There’s plenty of walking and coordinated body movement to get in at least thirty minutes of light activity. Competitive spirits aside, the level of stress on you and your body is low. If you’re looking for a relatively light activity to get you up and away from sitting around the house,discgolf is perfect. Spend a little time every day practicing and more on the weekends playing and enjoying the outdoors. You’ll have a great time.



Choosing a disc golf bag is less than complicated. However, before you make your purchase, you want to make sure if fits all of your equipment. If you’re just learning how to play, a smaller bag that carries 10 discs is perfect. However, if you’ve played a game or two, comfort plays a bigger role as well as having more space. Consider how heavy all of your equipment will be once you’ve added your mandatory gear and water bottle. Also, consider if you want to put your bag on wheels so you don’t have to carry it at all. You’ll know you’ve picked the right model because it will enhance your game.

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