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The trouble with traveling is the constant push, pull, and carry suitcases have to endure, but these aspects become easier when the suitcases have four wheels...

airplane flyingThe trouble with traveling is the constant push, pull, and carry suitcases have to endure, but these aspects become easier when the suitcases have four wheels attached to their bottoms. Luggage with wheels is easier to handle and glide around airports or train stations because of this main condition. Two wheels are more sustainable to breaking down and becoming hard to maneuver, but the four wheels provided in this luggage also utilize a spinning 360 degrees which is harder to drag, easier to move around and much harder to flip over. Unlike soft cases that may or may not have two wheels, the four wheels on spinner luggage are a standard feature. Below are some of the best luggage for checked baggage available.


Kenneth Cole Reaction 8 Wheel 20 Inch

The Kenneth Cole Reaction 8 Wheel 20 Inch Luggage is also constructed with an ABS exterior and expands for better carry capacity. The exterior is shaped with a smooth corner reinforcement for absorption of any high impact. The most important feature—the eight wheels—allows for an exceptional smooth 360-degree rotation and a much sturdier stance for travelers.

Like the other sets mentioned, this travel bag has a retractable handle system along with various compartments that feature expansion zippers and winged garment restraints. With a simple 20-inch height, this luggage is great for quick getaways and small trips. If you need something bigger this manufacturer does offer larger sizes. It’s light and handy which means fast traveling and easy pickup.

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TravelCross Columbia Luggage 3-Piece

Next is the TravelCross Columbia 3-Piece Lightweight Spinner Set. This set is great for people who enjoy a lighter choice in terms of traveling while still having a durable suitcase. It is fully endorsed with protective corner guards and of course, multi-directional spinner wheels.

The multiple size of this three-piece set is suitable for all of your flight needs and can also be a great choice for a moreovernight piece if your travel is going to be shortor, if you just need extra things to carry on like makeup, shoes or hair products. The color choices for this three-piece set aren’t crazy bright colors, but still, stand out for their vibrancy and smooth appearance when you are picking up your luggage at your destination.

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Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch

If you are searching for a much wider variety of color choice, then perhaps the Rockland Melbourne 20-Inch Expandable ABS is just what you’re looking for. It varies from dark subtle colors to vibrant lights. Complemented by an ergonomic chrome telescoping handle, these suitcases are twenty inches wide and thirteen inches high.

They stay lightweight, making it effortless to travel with, and has smooth multi-directional wheels but are still much durable like the other suitcases mentioned. The tough expandable feature allows you to slightly overstuff your suitcase without feeling like you did at all, while the lightweight feature lets you pack how you want. Some also use this piece as a carry on bag, but you should check with your airline to make sure that is not too big that purpose.

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Samsonite Luggage Flite Upright 31 Inch Travel Bag

Some people like very simple suitcases, however, like the Samsonite Luggage Flite Upright 31 Inch Travel Bag, for instance. This 100% poly-carbonate suitcase has nylon lining and a divider panel on the inside with zippered pockets. The elastic cross straps inside as well, aid in better stability for your belongings.

The side latches and private lock offer security for your personal items while the mono-tube handle and large spinner wheels offer smooth movements and enhanced mobility. This suitcase likewise comes with rubber gasket seals that keep your mind at ease from any incoming harsh weather. With an accompanied ID tag connected to the updated handle system, vivid color choices for this suitcase and a somewhat grated exterior, this suitcase is favorable for people who just need something quick, simple and satisfying.

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What To Look For When Looking At Luggage For Checked Bags

If you are a frequent traveler, there are certain aspects of this luggage that you may want to look out for when you’re searching. First off, the durability. Though most hard case models has really good durability, which it needed because of all the things bags has to go through at the airport, every suitcase has its differences.

If you’re someone who travels quite frequently, you may want to search for aluminum and 100% virgin poly-carbonate cases. These suitcases are built to last through constant transportation. When you do this, always go back to color. Key appearances to have for your pieces are bright colors or noticeable patterns. As mentioned earlier, hard-side luggage comes in various colors, so try to find one that is easy for the eye to spot.

Always remember when searching for this luggage, 360-degree spinner wheels is what you’re aiming for. Some models comes with fixated wheels, meaning that they have one direct stance, but if you wish for free movement of your suitcases, always make sure your wheels can rotate. Seek out the wheels that also have provided reinforced corners—insuring that your wheels are well secured. Likewise, their material is just as important. Think about where you’ll be traveling to. If it’s somewhere with a lot of pavement, consider seeking out softer wheels.  This helps avoid further wear and tear.

The exterior appearance and endurance are only part of your decision when picking this luggage out. Organization and protection for the inside where all your belongings will be are just as crucial. This type of checked baggage has more rigid dividers that are exemplary storage options for any of your clothes that may wrinkle easily. Look for something that has enough straps for you—depending on how many pieces of clothing compared to personal necessities you want to bring

What about spotting your bags that is clumped with the other travelers? Various colors are more common among hard cases. This feature allows anyone to spot their luggage among the numerous number of black bags that are most commonly used during travel, making your search a lot simpler than specifically looking for an attached tag.

Though this feature is also common among soft cases, hard case models, as also mentioned earlier, does not get dirty very easily contrary to the latter. Dirty soft cases are often harder to spot and hard case models, though extremely useful, is less common to see stacked among other suitcases when people are traveling— so there is a higher chance of you spotting your checked luggage before anyone else.

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