Best Luggage For Overseas Travel

High quality luggage is designed to protect your valuable belongings from damage during travel. It should also be visually appealing and fashionable. These premium grade products have strong and durable closure systems, well defined compartments, and they are made of long lasting materials. When you need to find baggage for an international trip, adventure trip, or other long distance travel, it is better to opt for something durable that will be able to withstand the impact of automated handling systems. Below is some of the best luggage for overseas travel available.

Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Expandable Spinner Trolley

This is an excellent choice when you need a bag that is lightweight and compliant with the requirements of most airlines. It weighs just 12+ pounds when it is empty, and the sum of the dimensions is 61. It gives you ample space to pack your belongings and organize them within the internal compartments. With the clothing restraints and zipper compartments, your belongings will remain well arranged. This suitcase looks elegant and it comes with an extended warranty from the manufacturer.

The durable 100% poly-carbonate suitcase has a distinct glossy finish and it comes in seven attractive colors. A combination of four spinner wheels and a pull out handle made of aluminum make the bag very easy to carry in the airport. Internally, it has two compartments for arranging and organizing your belongings and travel accessories.

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Heritage 29 Inch ABS 4-Wheel Upright

This is a very spacious suitcase with a roomy interior that you may use to pack a fairly large amount of clothing. The durable ABS exterior offers impressive impact resistance that can withstand any form of automated or manual handling. This item is fairly easy to carry around. It has side handles and a bottom grab handle. The pull out handle has a locking system that enhances mobility on the rollers. At 10.6 pounds, it is a lightt bag that will be easy to move around.

Available in two bold colors: black and cobalt blue, this suitcase has a stylish and attractive design. Within the roomy, fully lined interior, there are garment restraints and zipper pockets. After you place your clothes and other belongings inside, they will remain in place till you get to your destination. So you can rely on this suitcase for efficient organization of your belongings.

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iFLY Carbon Racing Hard Sided Large Checked Luggage

This iFLY suitcase was designed to meet the needs of the discerning traveler who wants a stylish and durable design that can easily withstand rough handling. With the resilient ABS and poly-carbonate material used to make the hard shell of the suitcase, you can expect it to remain intact for a long time. This model has an expandable design, with an extra zipper that increases the length by two inches. It will help you to accommodate the souvenirs you buy and the dirty clothing you may be transporting back home.

For superb mobility, this model has a telescopic aluminum handle and four double-spinner wheels that can provide smooth movement in any direction. Built to ensure that you can comply with the requirements of all airlines, the sum of the dimensions does not exceed 60 even after it has been extended. Also, the lightweight of this bag makes it possible to carry more items without exceeding the expected weight limits.

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Olympia 33 Inch 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel

This is large bag that will hold most of the items you need to carry on a long distance trip. It comes in eight different color options and it has eight deep pockets. You can easily pack and separate your shoes, clean and dirty clothes, and other belongings from each other. This 33-inch duffel is made of superior polyester material that offers impressive durability. The retractable handle makes it very convenient to move on its spinner wheels.
The main advantage of this duffel bag is the large size and affordable price. Some of the pockets in the bag can hold up to four pairs of shoes. The product can also accommodate a portable garment rack when you arrive at your destination. The large size does not hinder the mobility in any way and it is easy to maneuver while you are in a crowded place.

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What to Look for When Purchasing Luggage For Overseas Travel

Suitcases are so convenient, you can easily push them on wheels without breaking a sweat at the airport. While they offer you a more professional image than a backpack, they help you to stay organized with a clear view of your belongings. They also offerbetter safety and durability than a business backpack. Here are some features to consider when you need to buy the most suitable luggage for a long distance trip.

Size and Weight

Limit the size of the suitcase to what you can handle when you are alone. Check the airline requirements as well. A good rule of thumb is to choose one that is not more that 45 pounds with all of your items in it.


Select a product with a color that is easy to recognize. This will help you to spot it quickly among others on the carousel. Avoid very light colors like white and cream that can easily get dirty.


You have to choose between a two-wheel and four-wheel bag. Designs that have two wheels are lighter and easier to wheel if you need to run. But they can tip over. On the other hand, four-wheel bags will stay upright but they tend move around endlessly unless you lock them.

Retractable Handles

Choose a handle that is telescopic (retractable) and sturdy. Test the suitcase to ensure that it is at a safe distance behind you. A padded handle will also give you more comfort.

Compartments and Expansion

Look for pockets, pouches and compartments that will enable you to arrange and locate your belongings. A good suitcase may also be expandable but you should ensure that it can still fit in an overhead bin after expansion.


You need to choose between a hard or soft shell. If you plan to use your luggage as a carry on, go for a soft shell. The nylon suitcases absorb shock better and they can easily be squeezed into the overhead bin. Hard shells offer better protection but if you choose it make sure it is a high quality brand.


Security features will make your belongings harder to tamper with. So it is good to invest in shrink wrapping, cable ties, and strong travel locks.


Traveling on a long distance trip requires you to carefully select luggage that will meet both size and weight specifications. The bag you choose should be durable, attractive, easy to maneuver, and lightweight. It should also have inner compartments that will enable you to organize your belongings effectively. The suitcases reviewed here will offer you adequate space to carry all the items you will take to and from your destination, when you are traveling far away from your home.

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