Best Tote Bags For Moms

Vera Bradley Purse

One of the most essential accessories for a mother is a solid bag. Between sports practice, dropping kids off at school, visits to the library, and shopping,...

One of the most essential accessories for a mother is a solid bag. Between sports practice, dropping kids off at school, visits to the library, and shopping, among so many other activities, we have a lot to juggle. A good model should be durable, accessible, and stylish, the kind that makes other moms ask, “Please tell me where you got that bag. I want one just like it.” It should be easy to carry, full of storage space, and pleasant to take with you anywhere. Maybe you have been needing to purchase a good tote for a long time, but wondering which one might be the right one for you. Below are some of the best tote bags for mom.

VeraBradlyShoulder Bags

Vera Bradley PurseThis Vera Bradley model is made for moms who love style, comfort, and convenience. It comes in a beautiful soft quilted paisley cotton fabric with a variety of patterns and colors for every personality and style. But real moms also know that it’s what’s inside that counts. That is why it has a lots of pockets, three in fact. The pockets are sturdy slip in pockets. Great for a mother on the go, who doesn’t want to fumble around looking for zippers and clasps to open in order to get something she needs. These pockets are just the right size for a phone, keys, and anything else that you want to keep separate.

There is also a removable baseboard, so you have a choice about whether you want your purse to sit flat or not. The interior of the Vera Bradley is very spacious and open, making it easy to put a wide variety of items inside. The model closes tightly with a cute tortoise toggle. The shoulder straps are made out of the same beautiful soft quilted paisley cotton and hang down at the side when not in use. The straps come in a comfortable length of 12 ½ inches.

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S-ZONE 3-Way Women’s Genuine Leather Shoulder

3 wayThis stylish accessory is definitely meant for the modern busy mom. It has a laptop compartment, along with several zip compartments that are large enough to hold books or magazines. This would be great for the mother who loves to read or is attending school or works with a laptop. The S-Zone Uptown Girl Tote comes in a sturdy and sleek 100% split cow leather exterior. It also comes with three choices for carrying your tote along. You can either carry this model with the long shoulder straps. If long straps are not your style, you can use either the shorter shoulder strap or you can pick up the tote by its short hand straps.

This product comes in a variety of different colors – classic black, a deep cobalt blue, a lovely caramel brown, and a rich wine red color. Each color looks so classy and elegant. On the inside it is quite roomy, but there are a lot of great ways to organize your stuff with such a variety of pockets on the inside and one on the outside. There are pockets for just about anything. The zippered exterior pocket is great for holding a wallet, keys, or cell phone. On the inside, there are two zipped compartments. One is a side pocket and the other is in the middle. One would be great for holding a tablet or other hand held device, and the other would be great for a laptop. There are also two open pockets for anything you might want to easily grab that don’t need as much protection as a zippered pocket.

The leather makes for a very sturdy prodict that will last for years to come. The construction is well-designed. The buckles are made of high quality gun metal hardware. It comes with nice nylon lining on the inside. Adjustable side buckles help change the size of the purse as needed. The leather is anti-scratch, keeping it looking nice and slick for years to come. It has a stiffer feel to it and does not slouch, similar to a briefcase. Altogether, a sleek, stylish accessory for a busy mom who likes to have options about how she carries her bag and how her pockets are organized. This model would also work well as atote for someone going to college.

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SCOUT Uptown Girl

No matter what your job is or what you do as a leisure activity, this bag should fit the bill. Most mothers who have had a chance to use this bag describes it as spacious, durable and highly functional and very useful. The SCOUT Uptown Girl has four very useful pockets on the outside of it, so you should be able to bring along everything that you need on a day to day basis. The neat thing about this model is that is has a solid bottom so it stands up on it’s own, but you are able to fold it to lie flat for easy storage.

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What To Look For When In The Market For a Tote Bag

It’s hard to know what to look for when you are hunting for a good purse. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for a tote bag:

  • Style:Let’s face it. When it comes to any purse, we’re not going to like it if it doesn’t look nice. Being functional just isn’t enough. We want a purse with the right color, the right fabric, shape, design, and look. If you’re not even sure what style is right for you, think of the type of look you want to present to others. Do you want to show yourself as fun, serious, flirty, or relaxed? Find a product that matches the look you want to show others. If you have different looks you want to show, then get a purse for each look. For example, if you have to quickly switch between carrying your kids around to carrying your work around for a meeting, you might want something that would look nice with work apparel. You can have your softer, more playful tote for when you are not at the office and just hanging out with your friends at park day.
  • Durability:As moms we face a lot of mini and big disasters throughout the day, from milk spills toowiesand hurt feelings. Our totes need to be sturdy enough to handle everything we put into them and survive wherever we put them, from a subway seat to acar seat. It also should be durable enough for handling our items when we are on vacation.
  • Organization:We need to be able to find what we are looking for. For some mothers, that might mean having one big open space in the purse. For others, organization might mean lots of pockets for the variety of activities you and your kids participate in. Find a tote bag that works for your organizational style.

Why Moms Need A Good Tote Bag

We carry our lives with us on a daily basis. We need a good accessory that can help us carry our load, whether it’s diapers, textbooks, money, or anything in between. Big enough to carry everything, small enough to be stylish. Something that will carry us through motherhood and beyond.


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