Blackbird Dance Company

Blackbird Dance Company has offered adult classes in hip hop, yoga, capoeira, and more. The studio has expertise in helping freestyle bboys and bgirls learn to dance choreography....

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BDC has moved to a new studio in the Fairfax District!
Come visit at 305 N Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles 90036.

Previous Address: 6767 W Sunset Bl, 2nd Floor, Hollywood 90028


BDC has scaled back its class schedule since we published
the profile below. We hope to see more hip hop return!

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Blackbird Dance Company

Basic Profile

Blackbird Dance Company, now in Hollywood, offers a strong selection of hip hop that tends toward specific styles and specialty classes, as well as instructor-led practice sessions that straddle the line between a class and a cypher. Blackbird Dance specializes in helping freestyle breakdancers learn to dance with choreography, bridging the gap between street and commercial hip hop so they can book jobs and work in the industry.

In addition to dance, the studio offers classes in liquid yoga, capoeira, gymnastics, and more. Owner Alexandra Blackbird has a gift for working with beginners and people who are returning to dance.

Blackbird Dance Company moved from Northridge, CA, to a second-floor studio on the corner of Sunset Bl and Highland Ave in Hollywood. There’s free parking with validation (for a limited time) in an underground lot and a small street-level lot; be sure to check with the valets if they are present. Free and metered street parking is nearby.

About This Studio Profile

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This profile has not yet been updated for 2014.

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