Body Shape: How to Dress Your Body with LuLaRoe

Every body has a shape and no two are exactly alike! However, the clothing industry chooses to ignore this fundamental fact. Did you know that most designers fit a size Medium and then mathematically determine how to fit the rest of the sizes?

Don’t let a calculator determine what you wear and how you wear it!

LuLaRoe is different. We fit each and every size. Our styles go through rigorous fittings to make sure it’s just right for EVERY BODY! Even within a style, there are little adjustments made for different sizes. For example, the Irma Tunic has different arm patterns for the various sizes.

My job as a Fashion Consultant is to help you find the perfect fit for your body. I want you to be comfortable and fabulous! I bet some of you are thinking that those two words don’t go together, huh?

Let’s take a look

Apples are awesome! They typically have the BEST legs ever!

Hourglass figures have long been regarded as the standard for beauty. It’s all about the maintaining your proportions.

Pears are “all about that base”! We (myself included) should look to accentuate our face and shoulders.Rectangles are beautiful. You can wear so many styles as well as sizes to create whatever illusion you want.

Rectangles are amazing! It’s all about creating the illusion you want to portray!

Are you overwhelmed yet?

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