Bogger Box Mods

It is always disturbing when a company takes people’s money and does not produce the goods they promised; scary when a firm will not respond to customer complaints or concerns after processing credit card details for more than $150.

This is negligence, even thievery, and besmirches the name of legitimate companies producing authentic mods. Many consumers have been shafted by Bogger Box Mods, a company which has developed a terrible reputation for itself over the past 3 years.

Website under Construction

At first I thought I would be directed to a company capable of hosting its own website and managing sales without a third party. Their website was the first thing a search engine turned up. That sounded encouraging. It turned out this site is down for maintenance or undergoing restoration or renovation; something like that.

Who knows how long that’s been the case? What they really need is a new name and a totally new beginning because anyone with sense would turn around and run the other way (in the virtual sense, letting their fingers to the running over a laptop or PC keyboard).

In fact, I really hope they close up shop because it would be terrible if the same people fell through the cracks and managed to con yet more vapers around the world out of their cash. I wonder if those credit card details were safe in the long run.

Bad News at Bogger Box Mod

Without this resource, I was forced to browse forums from the US, UK, and Australia where the same message was repeated loud and clear: don’t buy a Bogger Box Mod. Sometimes strong language was used: these people were mad (let’s hope, given how out-of-date those entries are that they either got their money or at least calmed down).

If you get the chance to buy something from Bogger Box Mod, do not even bother; just say “no.” They might be the makers of exotic wooden items that are one-of-a-kind and beautiful, but there will be no support from the other end. Their device, known as a bottom-feed mod, is a mechanically operated box mod causing people some trouble it would appear.

Better Bet for your Budget

There are other wooden box mods on the market; real wood devices for experienced vapers with some cash to spare. They are sold by safer companies, certainly. Here are just two to choose from.

Pandora Mods

If you are looking for a unique item and do not mind paying around $300 for the privilege (without a battery or atomizer), Pandora Mods makes one-of-a-kind 18650 devices in the United States, all of them crafted by hand from exotic woods like Honduran Rosewood, Gabon Ebony, and Mexican Bocote.

They are made with 510 stainless steel fittings, a brass spring-loaded connector pin, a copper base plate and top contacts, and silver-plated copper Berylium springs to facilitate excellent conductivity and sturdiness.

REO Mods

REO’s mods are made from various materials. The Woodvil is another 18650 PV in a variety of designs determined by the nature of real wood. The makers use one piece of wood creating a dovetailed door for the battery. Each one is unique, so prices vary from about $150 to $175: a better deal for sure. Each item is listed, so expect to spend some time trawling through the listings to find one that is actually in stock.

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