Brooks Trance 12 Men’s Running Shoe Review

The Brooks Trance 12 men’s running shoe is design for enhanced stability and protection for the feet. The added DNA cushioning does not make the shoe chunky and too heavy considering the added support it now provides. The materials used are very high quality, premium standard, so the shoe is also extremely durable.

The Brooks Trance 12 men’s runner is perfect for those who want extra support and protection for their feet. With added features such as the Brooks BioMogo midsole which is actually biodegradable, has been designed to provide the stability you need across the feet, while at the same time being good for the environment as it does not use any toxic additives.

A closer look at the Brooks Trance 12 Men’s running shoe

Design features

On the outside of the Brooks Trance 12 runners are made to grip to ground and providing friction but not too much that you can’t easily take your feet off the ground. In addition, the outside is mad out of rubber to provide greater stability. The upper mesh of the shoe is made so that your feet can breathe more easily, so that they do not overheat when you are on a longer run.

The quality is of this shoe is exceptional. The laces on these runners are flat, which most runners use nowadays. Furthermore, the third and fourth eyelet holes are made into the saddle so that the shoe will fit better around your feet. The heel of the shoe also protects your feet when running on harder and uneven ground. It is a little wider at the top to provide more comfort.

Comfort and stability

The Trance 12’s have been revised significantly from the older version. It has a very nice base for your feet. It is cushioned sufficiently and your feet will not feel any fatigue even if you thump the ground very hard. It provides a huge amount of protection for your feet. Moreover, compared to the earlier version, the Trance 12 has a much nicer appearance and your foot can slip more easily into the shoe.

It is designed so that you do not have to undo the shoe laces to slide your feet in which makes it very convenient and versatile. You can easily just put those shoes on and run out the door to start your everyday exercise in your comfortable cushioned runner. As well, the new version Brooks Trance 12 is a lot more stable than the older version.

Added cushioning

The type of cushioning that the Trance 12 uses are known as DNA cushion. DNA cushion is one of the best kinds of cushion materials to use for running shoes, as they will mold into the shape of your feet. Also, they do not wear and tear easily. You can run for a long in these shoes and your feet will feel protected. It holds your feet in place so that they do not move around and hinder your exercise.

Weight of the shoe

The shoe weighs 12.2oz, which is ideal for those that like to run longer distances. The weight will not provide too much resistance for you so you can keep running at your optimal level for longer.

Last thoughts on the Brooks Trance 12 Men’s runners

This shoe provides a lot of comfort and stability for the entire foot. It quickly shapes itself around the shape of your feet so that they fit perfectly for you. This way you can run without any discomfort at all. The Brooks Trance 12 men’s running shoe offers a lot of quality and value for money too.

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