California, new York, Italy – summary March 8 coronavirus

The global fight against the coronavirus has entered a new stage this weekend. In the USA, Italy and Iran entered state of emergency....

The global fight against the coronavirus has entered a new phase this weekend, when Italy ordered unprecedented to lock your richest region in the Northern part of the country. The Governor of new York declared a state of emergency, and a cruise liner, at least 21 with an infected person, linkup Monday, March 9.

The decision by Italy to combat the virus was the largest outside of China, where an outbreak, and it was the most convincing proof that the source of the outbreak is rapidly evolving and moving.Many local officials were caught off guard.

Can the decree be enforced remains to be seen. But European leaders will monitor the effects of the tactics of Italy and it’s worth asking the question, not whether it heralds a more somber scenario. Sunday in the Vatican Pope Francis for the first time did not appear personally at the Sunday prayer and live blessed him.

According to official data, currently from the outbreak around the world are sick more than 107 200 people.

In the United States, where more than 400 cases and 19 deaths, President, trump told reporters that he will not allow 21 the person with a positive result for coronavirus in a cruise ship “Grand Princess” to be off the coast of California on American soil.

His reasoning:“I like it when the infected are where they are.” But as of Sunday the ship was supposed to dock in Auckland.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on Saturday, as the number of cases of coronavirus in the state rose to 89, including driver in Queens who worked for Uber, and two unexplained positive tests of people 200 miles to the North.

Flash has penetrated public authorities in other countries, such as Italy, where the Democratic party leader said that he had contracted the virus. In Iran, one of the Vice presidents of the country, 23 members of Parliament, the Deputy Minister of health and several other senior officials were among the thousands of confirmed cases. According to state media, among the dead is senior Advisor to the Supreme leader of the country and Fatema Rahbar, member of Parliament.

Donald trump, a well-known germaphobe (obsessive disease germs), said he was not worried about the approach of flash to the White house after the news that the man who attended the conservative conference outside Washington, where he and Vice-President Mike Pence spoke last week, gave a positive result.

I am not at all concerned“, — the President told journalists at his estate Mar-a-Lago in Florida, where he spent the weekend. He said he has no plans to reduce their campaign rallies, although other large gatherings are canceled throughout the country.

We’ll have huge rallies, “said he.

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