California reported the first death outside of Washington

California reports first death from coronavirus in the United States outside of Washington. The total number of infected rose to 51 people....

Elderly patients in Placer County, California, near Sacramento, died of coronavirus that was first reported death in the United States outside of Washington state and 11th in the country, announced on Wednesday representatives of health.

The patient who had major health problems, was in hospital in isolation. Officials believe that the patient probably has been exposed to the virus last month on a cruise ship, which left from San Francisco to Mexico.

We Express our deepest condolences to the family of this patient, “—said in a statement, Dr. Aimee Sisson, a medical worker of the County of Placer. “This death — an unfortunate milestone in our efforts to combat this disease which we never wanted to see.

The number of reported cases in California rose to 51 on Wednesday, most of all the States, as health officials in the County of Los Angeles has announced six new cases and declared a state of emergency. The virus was discovered in the United States, but still focused on the West coast.

This means that to date we have still no known cases of transmission from the community, “said Barbara Ferrer, Director of the County health Department of Los Angeles, at a press conference Wednesday morning.

However, she and other officials have warned that they expect to see more cases in the coming days, and that families should prepare for possible closures of schools and cancellation of public events.

“It’s time for people to prepare a plan of what they will do in the event of closure of the school her child,” said Dr. Ferrer.

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