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A Field Guide to Adult Hip-Hop Dance Classes in Los Angeles. For beginners to professional dancers. Explore new classes and dance studios!...

New GROOV3 Classes in Studio City & Westwood

GROOV3 is kicking off summer with the launch of two new class locations! Classes are starting in Westwood and Studio City. Meanwhile, GROOV3 at Moore Dancing will go on summer hiatus.

Jackson Night with GROOV3 at EDGE PAC

GROOV3 will get down to an all-Jackson mix at EDGE on Wednesday night, January 25. Don your best Jackson attire and enjoy an hour of music by Michael, Janet, and the Jackson Five.

Jaja Vankova of I.aM.mE Crew Teaching at mL Studio

Jaja Vankova of I.aM.mE Crew is in Los Angeles and teaching at the Movement Lifestyle Studio!

Free GROOV3 Class at Moore Dancing in Brentwood

The first Monday lunchtime class will be free when GROOV3 launches a new class in Brentwood.

Cardio Hip Hop with Milo Levell at HYPE Studios

Milo Levell will now be bringing his fun, high-energy old-school style to the Monday night Cardio Hip Hop class at HYPE Studios Cultural Arts Center in Torrance.

Rino and Maryss Class Canceled at Debbie Reynolds

Rino and Maryss will no longer be teaching a regular class at Debbie Reynolds Studio. Keep an eye on their social media accounts for news of future workshops.

Ellen Kim Teaches First Hip-Hop Class in Los Angeles

Ellen Kim of the Lost Kids crew has relocated to L.A.! She teaches her first hip-hop class (subbing for Shaun Evaristo) Monday, March 7, 2011.

B Mitch Choreographing to “Sickest Song Ever” for Class

B Mitch just discovered “the sickest song ever” to choreograph to for this week’s class. If you like his style, get in!

Chonique Sneed Will Teach “Welcome to the Cho” Choreo

Chonique Sneed will teach choreography from her recent show. Come take class and dance with the cast!

GROOV3 at Balliamos Updates: Free Massages and More

Free massages will be offered after class on January 23! In addition,GROOV3is now accepting credit cards at Balliamos.

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