Cloupor T8

When the vapor clears in a crowded room and you look around at what everyone else is vaping with, what are you going to see?

Today, several of the mods your friends hold are going to be box mods or cylindrical VW advanced personal vaporizers.

They contain the power to vape at high temperatures and low ohms and their brands are usually Chinese. Most people will vape at no more than 15 watts — 30 watts perhaps — using an iStick or iTaste MVP 3.0, and a very few will hold mods by Sigelei and Smok reaching 50 watts and more. Some of these individuals will choose the Cloupor T8 150W.

A Simple Box

Cloupor’s latest VW mod is a simple box, colored red, silver, black, or blue. The shape is nothing new. Vent holes in a variety of places let out some of the heat its batteries produce at a possible 150W.

There is a visible USB port, right next to 6 of those little holes, but apparently the batteries come out and this is not a pass-thru device. Keep two more batteries charged and resume vaping with little pause.

Measuring 102 x 55 x 25 mm, the Cloupor T8 is still relatively small without an atomizer attached despite the size of its attitude.

Recognize the Cloupor T8

How can you tell the Cloupor 150W apart from other box mods of similar shape and possibilities with the brand name covered?

This one has a magnetic door for installing and removing batteries. It boasts a rectangular screen on the front face, top right. Three buttons are spaced out on either side of the screen but along the narrow side right of the screen.

All of these buttons are the same sized circles which is unusual: firing buttons are usually bigger than up and down buttons to adjust volts and watts. The screen is usually situated between buttons too, so Cloupor’s design is unique.

This large screen displays all the values you need to know, such as the resistance of your atomizer as detected by an internal chip. The display shows you how much more battery charge remains and volts/watts as the chip detects changing values. As your battery’s power drops, view values and adjust the numbers as required.

Protecting your Investment

Cloupor’s internal chip is able to operate a display screen and control volts/watts while detecting ohms. It also prevents anything bad from happening if you put your batteries in the wrong way around or vape too long. CPU temperature control prevents overheating. This chip is wonderfully versatile but also upgradeable for the day Cloupor releases a 200W mod.

Making Adjustments

An adjustable 510 pin allows vapers to attach various 510 atomizer tanks and RDAs. They can be rated to a low of 0.15 ohms or as much as 4 ohms and will always fit nicely, thanks to that adjustable pin.

Possible candidates are Cloupor’s own series of tanks, the Aspire Atlantis, and RDAs like the Tobh. It’s not essential that you fit an RDA or sub-ohm tank to this system: vapers can set watts anything from 7 to 150 and volts as low as 1.5.

Tough Treasure

The Cloupor T8 is a treasure box full of character and strength, made from a tough aluminum alloy. Vendors are selling it without batteries for about $100 and more.

Add cells, juice, and an RDA to create a self-made kit that could cost as little as $150.

If you opt for a high-end atomizer, maybe add about $20 to the final bill. Cloupor also makes lower-watt devices and deals with many American e-vendors.

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