If the name “Cloupor” is familiar, you probably bumped into it while looking at either herbal/wax vaping equipment or box mods. Their atomizers are widely sold by vape-pen retail outlets and online, but the brand is less familiar to e cig consumers. That could be owing to their relative youth, having started in October of 2013. Take a closer look at Cloupor.

Cloupor Review

They carry two categories of products: atomizers and e cigs. These can be further divided into e-liquid and herbal/wax atomizers and tube or box mods. Cloupor’s manufacturing facilities are CE and ROHS-certified for safety standards.

Cloupor Cloutanks

Version C2 is a 20-mm atomizer offering airflow control. With this feature, you can expand or restrict the amount of air going into the atomizer which will, in turn, lighten or tighten the draw.

A Pyrex Cloutank is good for 600 to 800 puffs and offers 1.8 ohms resistance: formerly considered low until so many sub-ohm setups were released this year. Pyrex is the best material for vaping because it offers the neutrality of glass without its fragility. Pyrex is still breakable, but much more regular than ordinary glass while also being able to handle acidic juices. Consumers who prefer lemon-lime, menthol-cinnamon, or black licorice e-liquids should use glass or Pyrex tanks instead of plastic ones.

The Cloutank M3 is a 16-mm dry herb Pyrex tank. This will provide 1.2 to 1.3 ohms for vaporizing at high temperatures. The M4 is another dry herb atomizer but also a wax atomizer with remix capacity. It will mix your leaves without you having to open the atomizer. The M4 is self-cleaning (a tired housewife’s dream), 18 mm, with a detachable atomizer. You can rebuild it to keep maintenance costs low.

Cloupor E Cigs

There are 5 of these to choose from: the T5, T6, T8, Cloupor DNA 30 VW, and Cloupor ZNA. The Cloupor T6 is a 100-watt, 26650 box mod, so it can go with you on a long hike, fully charged, and last the day or even two days if you bring a tent in your backpack. Measurements are 93 by 48 by 30.5 mm: very small. Adjust from 7 to 100 watts and 3.6 to 9.8 volts (volts are adjusted automatically). The chip inside your mod is responsible for aligning voltage, wattage, and resistance. That is how your box mod automatically adjusts voltage when you set the watts. Variable wattage is considered much more consistent and reliable than variable voltage; many devices are switching over.

There is a 0.3 to 3.6 ohm rating so your vapor will be pretty full. The 510 pin is adjustable for compatibility with numerous atomizers styles, not just those listed above. A heat-dissipating board prevents heat from building up in the mod, a common problem when vaping at low ohms. With low resistance, even low voltage creates tremendous heat. Although you can also vape at high resistance and low voltage, many vapers choose box mods with DNA chips because they can handle a sub-ohm atomizer build. As you can see above, Cloupor atomizers are not naturally designed for sub-ohm vaping, but the 510 connection is easy to connect with other tanks.

For stealth mod, you can turn just the screen off. The back is magnetic so there are no screws to mess around with. Unlike numerous mods of a similar variety, reverse battery protection is one of the features, though not an invitation to be careless. Select blue, black, silver, or red.

Cloupor T8 box mods adjust to 50 watts. This is a tube mod with firmware, like the eVic but it does not look like the JoyeTech eVic. The black DNA 30 VW tube mod uses an 18650 battery, adjusts from 7 to 30 watts and 4 to 8.3 volts.

With a Cloupor ZNA, you are now using a Cloupor computer chip, not the DNA 30 chip which is installed in numerous similar devices made in China and the United States. Insert an 18650 or 18500 battery and get started with variable voltage/wattage (7 to 50 watts, 3.6 to 8.5 volts). Such high battery capacity is good for a day of vaping and possibly two days if you are not a chain vaper.

The Cloupor ZNA is compatible with many atomizers set up for 0.3 to 3.6 ohm using the 510 adjustable pin. The shape is similar to that of a flashlight: sort of rounded but also heavy looking. One end is squared off and the other is rounded. A narrow screen one side is not especially large or long but is big enough despite that for users to see what they are doing. This has an industrial yet futuristic look similar to that of the Vox 50 by VaporFi.

Buy Cloupor Devices

The Cloupor Home Page is a website for wholesale customers. It does not feature prices because vendors must buy in minimum quantities and register before these details come up. What consumers want to know is the price they end up paying. If they saw the wholesale prices for these things, they would cry: markups are terrible in the e cig business.

The Cloupor DNA shows up on at least one website for about $70, not including any extras, but that is no guarantee $70 is what you will buy it for. Remember to add in the price of an atomizer and possibly a battery. That will tell you the real cost of vaping with a variable wattage box mod. The T8 goes for around $100 and the T5 for just a few dollars less. Online and brick-and-mortar vendors set their own prices, however, so there is wide variation in the cost of these. Atomizers cost in the range of Youde atomizers.

Prices that are suspiciously low should raise the hairs on your neck. Authentic Cloupor products are designated with their own digital verification code. If it doesn’t have this, the “Cloupor” in your hand is a knock-off not to be tolerated. Clones are common but should always be openly advertised as such.

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