Contemporary Hip Hop with Aliya Perry

ENDED. Aliya Perry's Contemporary Hip Hop combines intricate L.A.-style hip hop and contemporary technique. Aliya’s passionate, dynamic choreography always tells a story....

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From the Class Archives

 Aliya Perry retired from teaching this class in July 2013,
but plans to offer occasional master classes.

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Contemporary Hip Hop

Taking Class

Aliya Perry’s Contemporary Hip Hop is a full-out hour of passion and focus, a breath of life for the dancer whose need to fully live in the dance is matched by their desire for training and growth. Aliya’s choreography ranges from smooth or very girly to sometimes harder hitting—but in all of her routines, she wants dancers to tell a story from start to finish! Aliya moves big in space and with a visceral intensity. Her choreography is detailed and full of quick transitions, yet she leaves expansive moments just to live.

Aliya is from New York, yet her hip hop isL.A. style. That’s how she was trained by her mentor, Brian Friedman, and it’s the style she loves the most. When she met Brian at her first PULSE convention,Aliyasays, she immediately clicked with his choreography. Once she connected withL.A.-stylehip hop, she continued training in it.

“Tell me a story!”

In Contemporary Hip Hop, there’s always an element of technique. Aliya’s choreography is on the balls of the feet, very intricate, with lots of shifts of weight. So although most students wear sneakers, some may wear jazz shoes or joinAliyain dancing barefoot.

Teaching to “Somebody to Love” by Justin Bieber, Aliya emphasized performance throughout class. What makes dancers interesting, she told students, is when they’re completely committing to the character.

“I’m all about living,” Aliya said. “Tell me a story!”

Whatever Aliya gives dancers, she wants full out.

“If you’re playing a violin,” she said, “make sure your fingers are going crazy!”

Even when they’re marking, Aliya doesn’t like to see people move halfheartedly. If Brian Friedman were in a class with her, Aliya tells students, she’d take her dancing up a notch. You have to be your own Brian, she says. Dance like that even if whoever is that person who inspires you isn’t there.

When Aliya dances, there’s a wild, raw quality to her movement. Watching her, you can sense that her choreography is meant to be danced full out emotionally as well as physically.

When she performs, Aliya says, “I always attack it, I always give my heart. So that’s the biggest compliment that I’ve gotten . . . is that I always live.Alwayslive.”

And she appreciates her students when they do the same! For inspiration on style and character, rather than show the dance herself, Aliya is more likely to pause in her teaching and call dancers out to demonstrate for their peers.

In this open-level class where roughly half the students are professionals, Aliya teaches to the highest level in the room. Contemporary Hip Hop provides career training for working dancers, and as such, is for those who take class tolearn.Aliya pushes the pace and expects effort and commitment.

But she isn’t there just for the professionals. A warm and approachable instructor, Aliya introduces herself and learns every student’s name. She gives corrections to dancers of all levels in her class, and will care about your progress if you do.

When Aliya teaches, says Lindsay Russo, “You can tell that dance istrulyher passion, not just something she does well. She puts her heart and soul into it and wants everyone to excel.”

Aliya fits all the teaching she can into an hour, and it’s never certain how much time will be left at the end for groups. So be sure to live while you can!

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From the Class Archives

 Aliya Perry retired from teaching this class in July 2013,
but plans to offer occasional master classes.

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Contemporary Hip Hop

Class in Brief

AliyaPerry’s Contemporary Hip Hop offers intricateL.A.-stylehip hop with an element of technique. Class can be taken in sneakers, barefoot, or in jazz shoes.

Aliya’spassionate, dynamic choreography tells a story from start to finish. In class, she emphasizes performance and committing to the character. Aliya’s motto is, “Just live!”

This open-level class of mixed professionals and nonprofessionals is great for the focused and dedicated dancer with a desire for growth.

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