Coronavirus: 2 case discovered in Washington state, USA

In Washington state, the United States confirmed two more cases of coronavirus in king County, bringing the total number in the United States increased to 73....

US officials in Washington confirmed on Sunday, two more cases of coronavirus in king County, bringing the total number in the County reached six, and the number in the United States — 73.

Officials in king County reported that two patients, men aged 60 years, was in critical condition

It is expected that this number will grow as more and more people will be testing and confirming results“, — reads the statement of health officials in Seattle and king County on Sunday.

Washington declared a state of emergency in relation to the coronavirus, and the researchers who have studied two cases, saying the virus could spread within a few weeks with the probability of infection of 1500.

The state became the first coronavirus death in the country on Saturday.

As of Sunday the number of confirmed cases worldwide has exceeded 87 000, with more than 7 000 cases occurred outside mainland China where the outbreak began late last year. Currently, the virus is detected in at least 60 countries.

The case of the coronavirus one patient in Washington state, a teenager, was discovered only after he went to the clinic on February 24 to check for the flu, and its pattern was transferred to the Seattle Flu study, which tested it on a variety of pathogens, including the new coronavirus.

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