Coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States

United States of America was faced with the accelerating pace of emergence of new cases of infection with coronavirus. The decision adopting strict measures to combat the virus....

The United States is faced with the accelerating pace of new reported cases of infection with coronavirus and also with the prospect of broader measures to combat the spread of the virus (map). On Monday, the total number of HIV-positive people exceeded 600.

The number of new cases has caused concern over the rapid and uncontrolled transmission in public places.

In Kentucky, according to officials, the patient who tested positive was working at Walmart in Cynthiana, near Lexington. In Washington, D.C., rector of the Church, which is communion and exchange hands with parishioners at Christ Church in Georgetown, was defined as a patient that prompted officials to urge hundreds of parishioners to self-isolation in quarantine.

Governor Jay Margie reiger from Washington has said it is reviewing the issue of mandatory measures for the distribution of people. School districts in several States are closed, universities conduct classes online, the company advised employees to work from home, and a house of worship limit their activities.

Global conference on health in Orlando, Florida, is scheduled for Monday with the participation of President trump, were canceled.

Senior Pentagon officials began to practice “social distancing” by holding meetings through video conferencing in multiple rooms, instead of collected in one.

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