Coronavirus: Europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic, says the who

According to the statement of the world Health Organization, Europe is the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus among countries....

According to the head of the world health organization, Europe is now the “epicenter” of the global pandemic coronavirus.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus called on countries to use aggressive measures, community mobilization and social distancing to save lives.

Don’t let this fire just to burn, “said he.

His comments came when several European countries have reported a sharp increase in infections and mortality. Italy recorded the highest daily surge of new cases of infection.

In the last 24 hours it was 250 deaths, whose total number amounted to 1 266, and the total number of infections was 17 660.

Spain, the most affected European country after Italy, reported a 50% growth mortality up to 120 on Friday. Infection increased to 4231.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said that on Saturday there will be state of readiness within two weeks.

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  1. Why Europe is the “epicenter”?
  2. What are European countries doing with this?
  3. What happens to the coronavirus in other countries

Why Europe is the “epicenter”?

According to who, more than 132 500 people have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in 123 countries.

The total number of deaths reached nearly 5,000 — the figure which Dr. Tedros called a “tragic milestone.”

“Europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic, with a large number of reported cases and deaths than in the rest of the world combined except China,” he said.

“Currently the daily register more cases in China than in the midst of the epidemic”.

In addition to the increase in Spain and Italy, France is currently 2876 confirmed cases and 79 deaths, compared with 61 fatalities on Thursday.

In Germany it was 3062 cases and five deaths. In the UK, it was confirmed 798 infections and 11 deaths.

What are European countries doing with this?

Announcing the state of alertness in Spain, Sanchez said that the government is “mobilizing all the resources of the state to better protect the health of all its citizens.”

He will be able to restrict the movement, to order the evacuation, prevent access to certain places and to intervene in industry for up to 15 days.

“Victory depends on each of us,” said Sanchez. “Heroism is also hand washing and finding home.”

Everything except the “important trips” to the parts of Spain should be avoided, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs of the UK.

Italy imposed a national lock.

Meanwhile, at least 10 other European countries provide the closure, including:

  • Denmark: Saturday closes borders for foreign visitors
  • Czech Republic:Prohibits the entry of all foreigners except those who have a residence permit. Prohibited to leave the majority of their citizens
  • Slovakiacloses borders to all foreigners except those who have a residence permit.
  • Austria: closes three land border crossings with Italy for all foreigners, except persons with medical certificate issued within four days. There are no restrictions on Austrian citizens
  • Ukrainecloses the border crossings for foreigners (except diplomats) for two weeks
  • Hungary: closes land borders with Slovenia and Austria
  • Poland: Sunday to close borders for foreign visitors
  • Belgium, France, Switzerland and parts of Germany are one of the last countries that closed school.

There are also widespread restrictions on large meetings and the actions taken to close the theatres, restaurants and bars.

German Bundesliga, one of the five largest European football leagues that still play despite the epidemic must pause the game for the top two divisions since Tuesday.

The Louvre — the largest art Museum in the world — announced that it closed Friday, and the Eiffel tower.

The number of cases of coronavirus, daily reported in Europe surpassed China at its peak. But Europe is in a worse position.

The vast majority of cases in China occurred in one place, Hubei province, and they were mainly concentrated in one city Wuhan.

This was done by an authoritarian government, which introduced the largest quarantine in history.

Although in Europe there are hot spots, this flash on the continent, and different countries adopt very different strategies of suppression of coronavirus.

All these figures are based on detected cases, but scientists fear that there may be major outbreaks, which may go unnoticed in countries where there are no tools to detect them.

What happens to the coronavirus in other countries

US President, Donald trump declared a state of emergency in the country, which allows the Federal government to receive up to $ 50 billion.

According to the President, the three major U.S. index jumped more than 9%.

Later on Friday, the President trump said that he doesn’t need to isolate themselves, despite meeting at least one person who had the coronavirus.

His ban on travel to 26 European countries, which was met with anger and bewilderment this week, will take effect at midnight Eastern time (04:00 GMT).

I don’t need to isolate themselves, says trump

The foreign Minister said Pakistan will close all its land borders and restrict international flights in 15 days.

In Canada, parliamentarians voted to suspend the work of Parliament and health officials spoke out against non-essential trips abroad.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began a 14-day period of isolation after his wife was positive.

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