Coronavirus in dogs: possible transmission from dog to man?

Может ли быть коронавирус у собак?

The article considers examples of how to conduct a test for coronavirus in dogs. Determination of the potential for transmission of coronavirus to humans. Quarantine....

Coronavirus in dogs maybe, but not passing into the stage of complications. Currently, there is no evidence that Pets become sick or spread the coronavirus.

Could it be coronavirus in dogs?

Может ли быть коронавирус у собак?

On Wednesday, Hong Kong authorities have updated their reports about a lonely dog who, apparently, has signs of infection from the coronavirus, stating that, rather, it is the case when the person reports it to the dog.

The representative of the state Department of agriculture, fisheries and conservation said that the dog, which was verified several times, is still quarantined, but not sick.

According to the authorities, you don’t have to worry about the welfare of their Pets or the Pets of other citizens.

As the Centers for control and disease prevention, and the world organization for animal health has issued guidelines which say that there is no evidence that Pets, especially dogs can spread the coronavirus. “Therefore, there is no reason to take action against pet, which can jeopardize their well-being,” said organization for animal health.

“In addition to compliance with proper rules of hygiene, pet owners should not be overly concerned and under no circumstances should not abandon their Pets,” said the Hong Kong government. This really suggests that, if family members were sick with this virus, they could consider quarantine of the pet.

Example. In a patient with coronavirus in Hong Kong was a dog, the authorities checked her and found a certain level of coronavirus in nasal and oral cavity. They tested it several times and the test still shows “low level” contamination. According to authorities, the dog will remain in quarantine up until her tests are negative.

What does it mean?

Raymond R. R. Rowland, a veterinarian, a specialist in viruses of pigs in Kansas state University, said that the so-called weak positive results are often found when testing pigs where on the map can be delivered to all the possibilities for a normal life of a farmer.

I’ll tell you what I tell them,“he said. “Wait and see.

Even if there is a low infection level, he said: “This does not mean that the animal is infected enough to spread the virus“. This can be a host who not get sick and do not infect other people or animals.

Edward’s Dubovi, Professor College of veterinary medicine at Cornell University, worked with a team that identified canine flu in 2005, said Hong Kong dogs can indeed have an infection a low level that will not be a big surprise. According to him, people sometimes pass the infection to her Pets and other animals.

“Usually in such situations,” he says, “you have the initial infection, and she’s not going anywhere”.

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